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    so whats the deal with this setup?
    are drawings or prototype avail?
    The orig. links are gone and the one YT video doesnt tell much of the story. Is this for real?
    please more info.


    The hammer and spring on the conversion is so heavy that your thumb gets sore after cocking it several times. Plus the hammer hits so violently from the preload that it causes harmonics that equate to issues with accuracy downrange.

    So very true! That is why they mod the frame and use a hammer cocking lever. Which in turns weakend the frame and Doug would stiffen the frame with considerable effort.
    I went to the range spending a full day of shooting and the blister on my thumb was torturous! Shooting with heavy spring and hammer does take a bit more effort. The gun shoots more like a springer. Air gunners that are experienced with springers adopt what is referred to as the “artillery hold” . This works very well when shooting my fully Noble tuned “Dyotat .257” with stock breech cocking lever.
    I have no experience with the Texan but The cocking lever certainly looks very attractive. Shooting .257 slugs is awesome and I would never look back. However it isnt something for everyone and one size does not fit all. I kinda question that a stock Texan is going to have the total tuned performance like the custom built guns utilizing the formula and meticulously massaged like the precision work of airgun machine work of the likes of Doug Noble. Another thing is that the ammo is a very large part of the eqaution and MUST be accurately sized to each insividual barrel. Must everyday casual airgun shooters wont take the added effort to slug a barrel, cast their own bullets from their own molds and sized to within a thou of their slugged diameter of their barrel. Also any .257 barrel will also need to be custom fitted with the proper lead in on the breach side for the particular bullet in use… This is just a few of the nuances that may be overlooked and why I remain doubtful of most production for sale to the general consumer solutions to shooting slugs accurately. Surely there are many big bore slug guns with hunting accuracy. These mimick the ballastics of muzzle loaded black powder arms. For the benchrest prescision you have to work at it and have a deep wallet along with some mechanical and technical skills.
    Welcome to .257 and read up.


    Want this!
    Hello everyone!


    Excellent tip. Thanks for the link. !


    If i understand correctly you are seeking something similiar to a chamber reamer. However our airguns do not use or have usefulness for a chamber of any sort. My understanding is that the chamber reamer is to cut the proper amount of “headspace” as to how far the cartridge will seat within the rifle chamber. Airguns on the other hand require a small bit of “lead-in” or a nice concentric and consistient throated gentle taper for the projectile to evenly engage the barrel rifling. Airgun Lead In is somewhat similiar in cause and effect as the crown on the business end of the barrel. With firearms somewhat similar in terms of affecting accuracy is what may be referred to as “freebore” which is mostly the relationship of the bullet seating depth within a metallic cartridge case and the tolerance between the seated bullet of a chambered round and its distance to the start of the barrel rifling. This is usually also were a barrel is likely to go bad or shot out . The throat erodes and the barrel becomes less steller accuracy. 30-06 or 22-250 barrels suffer from erosion worser than many others. Tack drivers become shot out however its not the barrel per se but actually the chamber!
    Lead in on air rifles is important but not nearly as critical with diablo style pellets that sport a skirted base. It is uber critical when using slugs with air rifles. Cratex Abrasive rubber mandrels are very good for use while handfitting the ogive of the projectile of choice to the Lead In of the airgun barrel.
    I dont believe a proper chamber reamer for gunsmithing is going to actually do the fine fitting or proper cut that it is being tasked to do.
    Please anyone correct me or point out if I my understanding or explaination is wrong. Maybe I am getting too technical but I really dont believe a chamber reamer like those used for firearms is the tool for such task.


    :rofl: NICE….

    I am sorry but My guess is that is Eldy’s solution to seal that breech. Those big bore kits of his from what I understand werent ultra sophisticated. You might even describe them as rather simplistic in design approach and budget.

    It does seem to me if I recall correctly that was one of his solutions to addressing the breech.
    Problem is….
    You have a bigger bore it requires a bigger barrel. A bigger barrel requires what? Again a bigger bore, in order to bridge the valve and the barrel. A bigger bored breech requires a bigger tophat and so on and so forth. The amount of fit and machining that goes into marrying a breech to a tophat and bridge the barrel too with its internal o-rings is a bit deceiving at first glance however this is rather sophisticated and tight tolerance to function properly especially at higher flow rates and pressures.
    The surgjcal tubing surely is a low tech budget way of using a rather plain or stock tophat/valve stem to adapt to and bridge to the big bore. My guess is he drilled out the diameter of a stock breech and this tubing takes up the tolerance between the two components and seals in the air.
    Hack or ingenuity?
    You can make the call better than I………..
    as you have one in your hands.
    You might read up on the threads that mention blown up delrin breech. You can then determine if this is actually safe and sound way to seal and bridge with that kinda air pressure.
    I have seen surgical tubing blown up like a balloon and have had a small piece full of model airplane fuel pop in my hand. It felt like i waa holding a lit firecracker as it exploded between fore finger and thumb….. Long story….(ok ok ok….. well I used the tubing as a high pressurized fuel bladder for hotrodded formula one type 1/2 a .051 airplanes and would fill them with a huge piston syringe and thats how I popped one in my hand. )


    Double posted too!
    Im a lame!
    I wanted to comment one last time… 1000 yrd old skool style BR wildcat! Yeah!
    Must be big poster sized target for iron sights. Boy my vision certainly isnt the same as it was 25 years ago when I used to shoot iron sights ala Service Class DCM matches! Cant even imagine shooting those kinda distances or anything at distance with iron sights anymore. Lots of holdover too I bet…. Real kentucky style windage eh?
    Big artillery for sure!


    Kinda hijacked this thread ……..


    WHOA … WOW!!!!!! Thats a wallop!
    Black Powder Loads too ? Yeeeeouch!
    What does one shoot with that? Bet it knocks the heck outta those metallic sillouettes! Long range black powder sillouettes? Is thers sucha a contest? Maybe there should be? Might make for good bigbore airgun games too. 100 yrd rams knock em down with a TExxan!


    Hey wait a minute wasnt the 4570 used for the quigly down under shot? :4:

    quote Dyotat100:

    RL does and it works real good. All metal and comes apart to clean out all the debris.

    I have a friends texan in the garage and I have had it up to 650 fpe with 372 gr slug. The shroud works good. Gun has some serious kick and can only imagine how loud it is without it.

    Same gun make 550 fpe on 3000 psi also with 372 or 480 fpe with 280 gr.

    650fpe!? Holy coW!!!
    That’s crazy!
    Just wonder how far out can it really deliver that mortar? Must drop faster than a balloon filled with mercury.


    Post it up as something to share in the Machinists subsection of these forums . Thats what I would do…. Likely if it is uber cool or something that others really like someone will inquire if you could make another and word of mouth ……..

    quote Rrdstarr:

    Thanks more people need to document stuff like that for us rookies and newbies!


    Please be mindful of the dangers, be aware and practice safety when working with HPA components. Especially be sure of any modifications you might introduce to the HPA systems.
    Continue to enjoy and learn . Welcome to the community.





    It is so easy to get complacent. Additionally, it is common to hear the phrase “backyard friendly” usually to describe the effectiveness of a shroud/ldc/moderator ect…. however the more effective these devices are the more deceiving it tends to be as to just how powerful these projectiles are traveling. In most situations PcP air rifles are not actually backyard friendly and that if you intend to use in your own backyard it is advisable to build a proper and secure shooting lane. A proper shooting lane contains all projectiles within the confine of your own area. Backyard friendly keeps it within your own boundries and doesnt mean shooting birds from the powerlines or over the eves of the neighbors barn or garage, Shooting a yote in the bottom of your driveway , front lawn or in the street in front of your house.
    Which brings up another point… you have a airgun capable of killing pests and game. Do so in only a lawful manner. That means in most all jurisdrictions you must at the very least maintain a hunting license from the proper governing agency. Fish and Game licensing fees go along way towards conservationship and maintaining our dwindling natural resources. Pests and Varmints most always usually require that you apply for a Depradation Permit and you must show cause for or why the target pest is a problematic to your situation. Usually health or financial reason. Depradation Permit still isnt a license to kill and may require you to use the professional services of a licensed exterminator.
    I dont want to sound like a pansy or sissy la la…. I think we all have had times of better and worse judgement. (ask Doug about time I raked his lathe with bb’s from automatic uzi bbgun? IDIOT!)
    I am just reminding myself, my forum friends and visitors what the real bottom line is and that while its usually all good, it can turn into a mess if the powers that be were looking to make things hard for you or me …. be careful , wise and represent the community in a good image.
    I will climb down from my soapbox before the
    richochettes bounce back into my own glass house.

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