Yukon Ranger 5×42 Digital Night Vision

This is partially its own unique review, but its also a follow-up to my Bushnell Stealthview review so it will have a lot of comparisons to that unit. Heres the page –


The Yukon is basically the same as the Bushnell with some minor functional and physical differences.

First off, it costs $100 more than the Bushnell. In addition to the RCA output cable and lens cloth that the Bushnell comes with it also comes with a nicer case (IMHO), AC power cable & DC power cable. It also has two lens covers for the IR and Lens instead of just one for the lens like the Bushnell.

The reason I think the Yukon carry case is nicer is because its a bit bigger and has a larger pocket on the inside for accessories. It also has a rubber Yukon brand name and a neck lanyard. So its easier to put the device into it and easier to carry it.

Close up of top




Physically the devices are similar, they both have an offset lens/eyepeice but they are opposite orientation. The Yukon is more symetrical and the large IR is the same housing as the lens – which makes it wider overall aswell.

The IR is adjustable via the + and – switch on the top and the display brightness is adjusted via a wheel near the front.

Image quality is exactly the same as the Bushnell, same lousy eyepeice too. I compared the eyepeice image to the image on my Sony Camcorder by running the RCA out to the camera and it isnt just the size… it really is a just a cheap viewfinder.

I tested it in my yard and got the same results as the bushnell so I wont repost a video that just looks the same so I walked to the cranberry bog alongside my house. Theres a building accross the bog which is 300 yards away (I used Google Earth to take the measurement) and I could see it without using the Illuminator. When the Illuminator turned on the image got a little bit brighter and I could see reflection of a tractors tail lights very brightly.

I compared it to my Sony’s Night Shot and I couldnt see anything in regular Night Shot mode and when I turned SUPER Night Shot on all I could see was a grey top half where the sky was and a black lower half for the ground. I then turned the Yukons large IR to full and used it with the Sony and all it did was give me a brighter green ciricle in the middle of the display.

To me the $100 price difference is worth it just to get the adjustable IR. On the Bushnell you”ll either have the small IR on, or the large IR on… With the Yukon when the main IR is turned on, but turned down to its lowest level there is No IR illuminaton which should extend battery life quite a bit when theres a moonlit night.

Its nice having the DC and AC cords and the case is a LOT easier to use also….

BUT.. the image quality is EXACTLY the same on both devices.

I’m a right handed shooter… The eyepeice and the lens are not straight through, the eyepeice is off to the right of the device, the lens is off to the lens. I’m anticipating that is going to cause me some problems when I go to mount it behind a rifle scope….. If I was left handed it might be different. I might have been better off keeping the Bushnell because of this.

I’ll Post the video I took at the Bog and my attempts to mount it to my rifle tomorrow.


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I wish that too. I can just mount it upside down and have the viewfinder over to the left of the gun so I can look through it comfortably. Only problem there is that the controls will be underneath and the recorded footage would be upside down. But controls isnt that big a problem once thing is set up right you focus using the scope, and the upside down video can be corrected via software.

I also wish it was easy to replace the stock viewfinder with a better one…. But I’d need to check into that. You can get replacement EVF (Electronic view finders) for camera’s on ebay for about $8…. if they were just drop in’s that would be awesome.

Hmm, its a shame you cant rotate the eyepiece to whatever orientation you choose. I would think that would have been easy to to include in the design.

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