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    Just wondering, those of you with gas-rams, what is your favorite and why. Those of you, like myself, who don’t have them, what would you get if you could? I’d get Theoben Evolution (12-13 fpe) carbine.


    I’ve always fancied the Evolution, but recently, I’ve been looking into the Patriots rammed…. may end up picking one up in .22 or .25…. We’ll see……


    Umm… The one I got from Dirty Harry…. ๐Ÿ˜€

    .22 Webley Patriot with a Gas Ram from airgunwerks.

    I cant compare it to other gas rams, but it shoots 26 fpe very accuratly and much easier than any of the 12 fpe spring guns I’ve owned.


    i had the Theoben Eliminator .22 mk III(beeman crowmagnum) for years, absolutely gorgeous rifle….very powerfull…and also has a little trick up its sleeve wih an anti bounce device on the piston that no other theoben rifle had at the time.

    i could at that time shoot 2″ groups easy with little support at 50y…i loved it….got stolen transporting it home after i had the ram pressure adjusted….someone f”ร‚ยค#%’ing stole it from that hat rack from right above my head, while i was chatting to a friend sitting right next to me.

    shooting Y’s patriot it seemed very simelar btw

    still think .25 is too big for a springer….


    I have shot an Evolution and a RX-2 and the EVO was a much better shooter. It was very nice to cock for a gas ram.


    don,t know if this counts but bugger it .the one and only gas ram gun i,ve had was a bsa lighting xl with a gas ram conversion i done and it was a cracking wee 12ftbl hunting gun ๐Ÿ˜€


    I’m with Rabbits, only my conversion was a .177 Gamo CFX with a Theoben ram from Airgunwerks. Great shooter, very smooth and easy to cock, it stacked pellets at 20 yards, and did a very consistent 15 fpe with Superdomes. Gave it to my little brother when I got my HW 77 that I traded for my Talon SS. He then sold the CFX to buy his own Talon. I’m still ahead, though, mine has a Blodnob valve ;-). Later.



    Have a RX-2- haven’t shot it much since the Condor hit town.Saw your post so I gave her a run after work. Keeps both Kodiaks and Predators under a dime out to thirty yards.Don’t have a light on my chronograph, but I think I was getting around 715 fps with the Predators which puts it around 18.73 fpe. Took out a squirrel at 40 yards once. She is a little on the heavy side but cocking isn’t bad and she is really nice-looking. Pyramyd Air is getting over $700.00 for them now. Don’t believe they are worth that kind of money. Well that’s my 2 cents- hope it helped…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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