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Yella’s finally got Hi Speed !!

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    Comcast came and put Hi Speed internet and internet phone thing in today !!

    I’m used to high speed at work so its not new to me, but its SO nice to finally have it at home and not cost a fortune (which is why we never did it sooner).


    Congratz man. I would rather go without TV than not have high speed ). In fact, the only reason I have cable TV is because it lowers my high speed cable bill.

    On that note, anyone using MagicJack for your home phone line?

    I only have a home line for my kids use otherwise I would just stick to cellular. I have Vonage now but I figured for 20 a year I would give MagicJack a try. So far so good. There are a few quirks but there are fixes for them if you go looking on the web.



    Yay for the ninja! Now you can stop complaining about all of the big pictures. 🙂


    I hear you about the price. I dont have Comcast TV so internet by itself would have been $52… BUT they had phone bundled with Internet for $50.. So I jumped at that – works out a few dollars cheaper than what we used to have plus free nationwide calling.



    Let the hi speed self abuse begin……


    congrats dude….about time !

    their phone rates are not bad either….

    im using skype for allmost everything these days…domestic as well as calls to denmark often…i started to use skype for domestic calls because i can wear my headset stereo, and i have an easier time hearing whats being said compared to cellphones, which has been out main phones for more than 3 years now.

    anyhow….comcast charges 8 cents for a call to denmark….skype 3 cents…but at least it wont financially ruin you anymore to make out of country calls wether 3 or 8 cents !

    back in the days as i was an exchangestudent in nova scotia canada….i remember calling home for 5 minutes would cost me about $20….which made cenversations sound like telegrams…im ok stop….send more money stop….saw six flags stop…bought RC car stop….LOL

    what i dont like about american cable internet, is how they advertize speeds and such….in denmark you get a package say 8192/768, and then your guaranteed that speed, plus unlimited UL/DL……but cable internet says up to 16mbit….then you start reading the fine print…

    comcast says up to 16mbit they mean the first 5-10mb might see that speed, and then speedboost stops, so the 16mbit is in reality not really 16mbit, but only 16mbit the first couple of seconds….

    the only guarantee comcast makes is that you will see 2mbit/128…all of a sudden not so grat compared to DSL which apparently means 1.5mbit here in the states (but in the rest of the world can be as high as 50mbit)

    then you read on….comcast dont want you to have a server connected, or they will terminate your connection (after a few warnings)

    further intho the fine print…comcast dont want you to be downloading 24/7…if you pass about 180 gb/month (about 16 HD movies, or 200 xvid) they will terminate you…and possibly report you as they keep records of what your actually using your connection (no they dont care joe avarage) even with SSH encryption, they look at where you dl from which cant be hidden.

    comcast throttles bittorrent a totally legal filesharing service(thouhg often misused) throttles mean they limit your speed…same goes for other filesharing stuff mostly used for illigal stuff…bit this is not mentioned in their agreement contract !

    RCN is a bit better…but not much, thay use the same network as comcast

    cable tv dont tell you that you share the internet either….so at 2pm when the kids come home in your neighbourghood, your speed will drop…at 5pm when the adults come home it will drop even further…cable has fiber to a node, which is then shared over cable to 32 houses appartment complexes even more), the fiber is the same that fios uses, but with fios noone shares your fiber.

    im in some cooperate housing right now…and can clearly see when people get off work…they must hate me…i’ve been abusing the connection maximus 😈 but at 200kb/s its a farcry from what the complex has ordered for each appartment (discovered that when it failed and we called a tech…they got a 12mbit to each apppartment, but the technician said that wasnt possible unless about 90% living here stopped using the net, and on demand tv)

    verizon FIOS on the other hand….WOW….i was so impressed….they offer 30/5mbit….which is blazing fast…in Woburn, MA i was downloading regularly with 4.5megabyte a second !!! uploading to movies to photobucket was done in a jiffy, and family downloading video-letters from my server could do so at 256kb/s in DENMARK !!! even if there was 3 doing it at a time(thats allmost 7.5mbit upload)….but FIOS has its own limitations to try and limit you bandwith use…so you cant get static IP, and you have to use their router…you have to use a service like DynDNS which is pretty good…but FIOS dont care if your downloading 24/7 or uploading for that matter…their router even supports DynDNS right in the firmware….and tv quality is about twice of what cable can provide…i had a bit of overlap switching from RCN to FIOS so i could switch between the two….SD was WAY better with fios…my HDTV tuned the fios SD channels so much nicer and clearer…the HD channels where just so much nicer, alot more details, less jaggies…just so much better….both companies uses the motorola 6412 mk3.

    wow all that just to say congratulations….as you can se im bored sick here…wife GPS broke down(garmin street pilot I3) so she took mine…ive been using car gps since it came and is totally hooked…i cant find my way anywhere anymore without one…so im stuck here !

    yay SS will ship my rifle today !!!


    Just get an OC-3 and be done.


    Ya gotta love that high speed. Especially when you have wi-fi and your neighbor doesn’t bother to encrypt his signal. 😆


    OC-3 lol….looked at a T3, but that costs major money too…and wont improve picture quality…i just want fios


    Yeah, even a T-1 is “expensive” and a waste unless you have a really good reason for needing one; that tending to be the upload speed rather than download speed. Beyond a certain point the download speed becomes a moot point and it is the upload speed that you derive the biggest enjoyment from, and sadly in America that is almost always lacking.


    Yep, I got Verizon Fios. I was first in my city to get it It is a killer deal at $35/month. They installed all the equipment free and gave me $50 rebate to boot.

    It is faster then the T1 line at my friends job.


    yup fios rock…im a huge fan of it….i like how their 30mbit often is faster than promised…i dont need 30mbit upload…but 5 mbit is awesome…especially if you got family leeching of your server…then high upload means they wont choke your download…

    ATT got U-verse…but thats limited to 6mbit i think…and only one HD hookup…i need 2

    what i really like with fios…is how much better my tv quality got

    makes me wonder though…we are right in silicon valley….and probably cant get anything but crappy comcast…just dont get it…ohh well moving to a corner lot…hopefully one of the roads will have fios available

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