Would this work on the condor?

Would this grip work on the condor? From what I can tell it looks like it would fit and would be fairly cheap to buy. Any comments or thoughts?
Here is the link


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Thanks for the help everybody. I will look into the several possibilities mentioned and decide from there.

Sorry, didn’t allow the link. do a search for High Power rifle competition accessories. and look for (Midway)

here is a link
they have Ar grips available that have a palm shelf I have used them on stocks for “powder rifles” functional and very cool

Ergo grip’s foxbat is much better. 🙂

dnc has this one on his SS

Looks awesome.
You can PM him and ask about installation and stuff.

ar 15 grip? should fit wih a few mods, has been done before, do a search on ‘ foxbat’

If my memory serves right, it will fit but requires a little bit of filling to do so. However, others will know better than I do, and they will see this thread and post soon.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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