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    Just got the refill adapter in the mail this morning and filled the talon SS I just bought last week. As far as I know it is stock, but got it used. It is .22 cal w/12″ barrel.

    filled to 2900psi and shot over the chrony. Could not find any Kodiaks or JSB pellets in town, so just bought what I could find for now. Those are Benjamin 14.3gr dome pellets and an RWS brand of pointed field tips, don’t know the weight of them.

    Chrony w/ power dial all the way down showed about 464 fps. Dialed to the top I was seeing about 896fps and it was pretty loud. I have it set about the 7 range and shooting 790-810fps and not quite as loud.

    Have not shot a string yet to see what a curve may look like, hopefully more time tomorrow.


    With my Talon SS using 14.3 gr Crosman Premieres it shot at 850 fps. And that was at PW settng 4. Decreasing the PW setting to 0 is shot in the 700’s.

    Make sure adjust your top hat.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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