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    I fell into what is possibly a good deal for me,
    I have over 50+ NEW JT 90 Gram Prefilled CO2 Tank+ adaptors for use on paintball guns.

    What I want to do is make/buy a adapter to use these co2 tanks on my pending condor rifle deal etc.
    I want to use co2 to start off with, until I get my pump/compressor, funds pending etc.

    What would the best way to go, thinking of a regulator, to get the best shot string, and a adaptor for the co2 tanks etc.

    How would I get this Condor 22 cal AR adapted for these co2 tanks, in place of the HPA tank?
    I should be able to shoot for a while, to get the rat hole funds built back up.

    Any thoughts, suggestions or Ideas?



    Don this make a bit more sense then the email you worded to me a day ago or so.
    Been trying to be supportive and help my wife deal with the death of her Mom earlier this week.

    Save the 12gram CO2’s for the Crosman 2240’s which are cheap fun and fun to modify from a pistol to a carbine.

    IF you want low power fun just get the CO2 conversion kit for the Condor with a 20 ounce tank and adapter.


    I hope every thing doing better with your better half.
    a tough time to go thru, for sure.

    The email was another out of the box thinking Idea,
    attempting to find a very cheap and available means for the G-kid etc,
    using the Condor, until I have every thing set up.

    The Hammerli 850 uses the same 90 grm co2 bottles and also can use the 2-co2 cartridge adaptor also,
    the local Wally’s world has some in stock @ $267, this might be a good thing for the G-kids,
    until I have every thing set up for the Condor etc.

    Using the 90grm bottles would give 10,000 shots, (200 shot average) per the info I have read,
    I will have to stock up on pellets, thou LOL.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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