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Show off your Shop. Feel free to give us a description of the equipment you have !


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Very nice!!

Recently got my 24x 24 gun shop finished.

I have made some changes since taking these pictures, will try to take some more and update.

quote Rrdstarr:

Very nice Kim!
I need to commission your wife to make a set of drawers like that for me!

Nice to hear from you Rick. Custom cabinetry is not cheap. Within my shared shop with my wife, there is over $30K in cabinetry. All constructed from furniture grade ply wood and solid. They far exceeds the value of the household ones. Highly doubt you would want to foot the bill for her to have this shipped to the island and setup your shop. Just saying.

Very nice Kim!
I need to commission your wife to make a set of drawers like that for me!

Never noticed this but since I did.

Here is my Previous to my present.

Then with my wife’s assistance got organized

Then got serious, bought these.

And with my wife’s talent, kiked it up once more.

Nice reloading set-up! Mine was very similar to that! had two Dillon 650’s and Shotgun reloader. All the powder was kept in a fireproof safe, just in case!

Here’s some pics of my work shop and reloading area

I started out with the Harbor Freight mill just barely visible on the left. Then I got a good deal for the 12 X 36 Grizzly gunsmith’s lathe and the Grizzly mill on the right both of which came with some tooling. This is in Oregon so I built an 8′ X 12′, 6″ thick insulated walls room to keep them and my tools in. Regards, Tom

Going to try and get my garage cleaned up so I have some space to get the tooling all organized. That’s my problem sharing a two car garage with one car and a large kayak rack and all my wood working tools! I should probably sell all my mechanics tools to make space for my machinist tools!

Great looking shop and range. A1

Nothing personal – just business 😉

I am bored to make a hundreds of regulators – so I hope my CNC will work for me. And I will have a plenty time to create something new and interesting in PCP.

Hooray!!! My CNC is im my workshop!!!

And first chips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=TSRkugKDDJE

Oh Hell Yes! Damed shame your in the Ukraine. Would love to see that puppy work! 😀


Hooray! This machine is MINE!!! 🙂

Now it is in delivery process (from China) and I have to wait for 2-3 month till it will stand on it’s place in my workshop. Then I will make another photos – macinne in workshop.

Nice shop Helder.

Shit it must kill you not being there

This WAS my garage before my family and I got transferred to this POS island. I loved my shop. I still have all the tools of course but everyone here is so slow its been 4 months and I can’t get the F„₏£!\%G electrician to hook my machines up. Took me long enough to convince the last electrician that 410 volts from neutral to ground was NOT OK! No I’m not allowed to do it myself cause I’m renting shop space now, it’s no longer in my garage. Btw, can’t buy any metal here. Even the local nachinists just use scrap when they need metal.
I hate my life…..

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 82 total)

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