i want to try make a stock for my b51…trying to make a bullpup…..

to begin with i just wanna use a some cheap wood….

but where do i buy wood suited for stocks, lowes and home depot doesnt seem to have anything that has the right dimensions best i have found is a 2×8″ but the 2″ thickness is not enough i think

it doesnt have to be nice…prolly gonna spray it with bedliner or something anyway….just has to be strong enough and workable, and i probably need to have 2 pieces as im bound to fuck one up.

any suggestions ?


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Dont squeeze the peices together too hard when you clamp them.

CygsX, i’d agree with the poplar much softer wood then say walnut. Very easy to work and get a feel for wodworking. If you go with a denser wood it will take much longer. Poplar can easily be worked with a nice set of rasps, and 60 grit for material removal. Its what i believe i’m going to do my new stock design out of to start. Will make the difference of geting it done in a week or twice as long. Good luck, any q’s feel free to ask or PM me. I have a good link on stippling if your interested, basicly a dremel and a diamond round ball bit, very easy. The diamond bit set is $10 at the home centers. I’m calling to see if Home depot is open to day for a 6′ 2″x6″ poplar

The info on Gorilla glue is correct as it expands, i just skim coat one side and use a credit card to spread and thin. Good glue, but expensive and will do the same as the yellow wood glues.

Good info on the stock/wood stuff.

I like your confidence CygnusX 😆 thanks for the laugh!

Happy New Year all, Jim.

If you go the laminate route, and you’re shopping at Home Depot, I’d suggest you look at poplar. It’s cheap, easy to work, and still plenty strong. And it laminates very well. Just don’t plan on staining, this stuff is strictly paint grade. If you use Gorilla Glue, use no more than half what you think you need, it will still be too much :-). Truth is, any good wood glue (Elmers, Titebond) will do just as well, and dry much faster. It’s also a LOT cheaper! Good luck, and keep us posted. Later.


Back at ya, happy new Years.

sounds great….thanks guys….and happy newyear y’all !

Correct any good wood glue will do. I use gorilla glue, but have talked with some wood workerts from the mill and they tell me elmers wod glue will do just as well. As many clamps as possible, and don’t over glue. I spread a bunch out and use a scraper to spread a thin layer over the entirepiece to be glued up. The 3/4″ stock at home depots will work fine as mentioned already. Is how i did my black AR style stock. I used some weights i have to hold everyting in place as i lack a dozen clamps, 🙂 will work just as well.

laminating those 3 pieces is just a matter of some wood glue and then hold them together for a while right ?

Local lumber mills are worth looking into 1/3 the cost of any home depot. e-bay is another good place to find lumber. 2″ is pretty good dimension depends on what you have planned, 2.5″ you have more options with.

buy a 3/4 inch board, laminate of three pieces to give you 2 1/4″ to work with. Nice and stable shelf boards are cheap if you will paint it anyways.
Have fun.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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