Why the Talon SS?

I’ve been looking to get a PCP when I have enough money and there are two on the top of my list. The Talon SS and Air Arms S200. Could anyone tell me why I should get a Talon SS instead of the AAS200? What are some advantages and disadvantages. I want a gun in .177 that’s very accurate, quiet, and powerful. Powerful enough to kill a squirrel anyway. The accurate part because I want a gun that will hit what I aim at, the quiet part because I’ll be shooting in my suburban backyard, and the powerful part because I want to minor hunting/pest control.



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The AA S200 is only 12 fpe (SS is 26 fpe) while it can be increased to around 18 fpe it wont get as many shots as the SS.

SS can be packed away smaller and comes with a built in shroud which does an ok job, but can be made even quieter with a few washers and springs or peices of pipe.

The AA has a better trigger…. BUT the SS trigger can be easily improved with a simple modification detailed here –


If I was buying a gun again… I’d get the SS all over again. The S200 is a good gun too. But I’d only get it over an SS if I liked the look of the S200 more than the SS or I wanted to get into Field Target.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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