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Why not jkhan and evanix?

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    Dam Birdman , 42,000 must have been an ex wife,
    I lost a little over 50,000 to an ex, I just walked away, Judge told me to :rofl:
    I have moved on but I have learned from my mistake,
    Hell I sold a gun to my brother 25 Cricket, I never got the money, But he never got the gun, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    I do be leave in karma ,,, :8: :8: :8:



    ride , no it was not an ex-wife , it was a stepchild that makes $100,00 a year and decided that (they as a person ) after promising to
    repay the loan at $5,000 a year said fuck it . It has now been 5 years since the loan was given . Not one cent has been repaid . Life is
    short and my wife and I have accepted the fact that we will never be repaid and have instead decided that we would rather enjoy all
    the beautiful day to day pleasures that God allows the both of us to enjoy together . :biggrinn: :biggrinn: :biggrinn:




    Sounds like your a good man birdman
    I only have one child a daughter , There is no loans , Only gifts of money,
    She lives with her husband and my 5 year old grand kid , and 21 one year old grand daughter (going to collage) In my rent house for free.
    All they have to do is save up money to build there own house on there 20 acres of land they bought and paid for.
    Gets me Meds that my insurance will not pay for, saved my life when I had my first asthma attack. a real life saver.
    Yes she followed in my foot steps, And as an old nurse I am the worst patent anyone can have.
    22 years in Hospice I have a edge on me,



    iride , in the same boat you have been in . At the age of 55 , I was told that from my heavy exposure to AGENT ORANGE that I had cancer
    at stage 4 and that I would need surgery to try and have it all cut out in order to stay alive . I had the surgery and it left me handicapped .
    I had to retire from my medical field and could no loner work in surgery . I thank the Lord that 12 years later I’m still alive even being
    handicapped that I ‘am still able to enjoy life with my wife , my children , and my grand children . I fell blessed and thankful for every day
    that God gives me and the day that I will die on I will not have any regrets , for He has given me more blessings than I could of ever hoped
    for .


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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