Why I shoot airguns…

Look at this video. This is pretty unbelievable how much kick this gun has. The last guy takes it like it should be.

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those ugly girls in the white dresses are funny…

That’s funny!

I wish that they had chosen different music though,
so that I would not have to turn it down and could hear
the gun’s report. I have never been a fan of head banging
kill your family music.

That’s about what I look like trying to shoot my 300 ulta mag offhand. 😛

I can hold on to the gun, but my head bleeds a little. 🙂

Prone or off a bench I can shoot it all day. Offhand, even holding it correctly, it will fold my shoulder behind me, and stop when it gets in my face. My 250lb very in shape dad has a cut on his eye where he tried to shoot it.

There is no way I would put a scope on one of those elephant guns. That’s asking for ouch.

Here it is LOL 😆 😆

I’ve seen this before. They missed the one of the guy that actually breaks the glass door and then crawls around on the floor. Pretty damn funny.

Yeah, the shame is that gun gets beat to hell. Im glad its not mine. Its easy to tell whats going to happen before they even pull the trigger. Every one of those losers were holding the gun with the stock up against their arm instead of locked into their shoulder. The recoil pushes the arm away from the gun instead of pushing into their body.

If you look the last guy and like one or two other guys actually had it on their shoulder and did allot better. Im betting the last guy has shot that gun before or at least has shot big bores before.

I wish they still had the video up of that little twerpy-looking guy shooting the .700 Nitro Express in both bolt-action, and double-rifle form.
The guy looked SMALL, and looked like he had been shooting the thing since birth the way he took the recoil. Especially the double-rifle, which doesn’t exactly recoil straight back, but a little sideways!

Wow that last guy just took it.

Cool vid.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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