I picked up my spankin brand new Condor last night. I bought this from a guy named Curtis, he’s the owner of predators archery ( http://www.predatorsarchery.com ) in Gilroy, CA. Nicest guy ever. My friend bought one too and were supposed to go shooting around noon today. Oh btw I bought mine with open sights, which I must admit i’m not impressed with. Had I known the quality of these I would of saved my money and bought a scope, which i was always planning to anyway but i like open sights as my eyes are still sharp. I did buy the bi-pod though, it’s nice. I can’t decide which barrel to get next, .177 or .25, I will eventually get both but i think i’m going to get the .177 first as i have a boat load of pellets in that cal. Well that’s it, just wanted to share my joy!!!

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Right on WOK. I’ll adjust for 950 then. See you guys, on my way out the door………LOOK OUT SQUIRRELS!!!!!!


Use CP’s or JSB and you will get 1000fps no problem in .22

My 16″ Talon SS is shooting 14.3gr CP’s at 955. Now for me 950’s has shown to be the best speed for accuracy.

WOK could you elaborate on the spring you talking about? Here’s my thinking. I have a Beeman RX-1 That’s a pretty fine gun. I have killed hundreds of squirrels with it. It shoots a light .177 at the speed of sound and a heavy pellet around 900-1000 (will post numbers as soon as we decide which chrony to get) I use C.P.’s heavies at 10.5 grains and they get the job done. I was thinking I could set up the chrony and dial it to 1000FPS with the .177 C.P.’s and get a boat load of shots from it. Wait a minute, I think I just answered my own question as i was typing (what weighs more a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks?) I could just buy .22 cal. pellets that weigh 10.5 grains. DUH!!! Any mathmatics experts care to chime in here?

Congratulations on the Condor Purchase.

You really will not be happy with the .177 in the Condor. The spring in the new Condor tank is not appropriate for that caliber. The Condor is great in .22 and .25.

One of the problems the condor had a reputation for was not being able to open at 3000psi with the old valve. The reason was due to Airforce putting in a very strong spring in the tank to allow the use of .177. This caused a problem for Condor owners for years.

With your new Condor the tank valve finally has the correct spring in it and now they do not work with the .177….lol

The Condor is a beast and it eats .22 and .25 caliber pellets. Its little little bros. the Talon and SS are more suited for .177


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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