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    Hi guys! Got a question;

    Who lives in the san francisco bay area and is willing to take me ,dutch tourist and long time airgun enthousiast, along to a shooting range or hunt, either with powderburners or airguns?? Just to watch or shoot along, paying for ammo, all is fine.

    Am here for a little while (met a nice american lawyer) and missing my shooting…

    Will have to bo back at the end of february, so don’t want to buy an airgun now, but definately later if Jessica and i are still going along great and your nice government will issue me a greencard…


    Sorry I am 6 hours south of you. I know there are many airgunners up there though. Maybe someone will take you up on your idea


    yeh, 6 hours is a bit much 🙂 but it wuld be so col to go shooting again, so if anybody is willing, know that you make me a very happy man by taking me along… righ now i’m making jessica crazy by talking about airguns and hunting all the time… 8)


    Diablo Rod and Gun Club is where I met a few fellow airgunners…

    Check this out…



    I may show up but if it is still raining the traffic will not allow me to get there in time after work… Plus i’m going gold hunting this weekend and have to be up at 5am Saturday morning…

    Great people there worth the trip from SF.


    quote vincentvangerven:

    government will issue me a greencard…

    enter the greencard lottery….if you dont win be prepaired for a bout 2-3 years wait ….been there done that.


    Hey Vincent,

    i read on the Dutch forum you`re going to have a shoot in the SF area, that`s cool man! Actually i`m gonna have a shoot tomorrow, the well known PB shoot at Cees `s place.

    That`s not cool, it`s f-ing cold!

    See ya, Roel

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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