Who makes a good light…

If i go with another ss… i need to put a light on it for rodent patrol.. who makes a good one for decent money…. WOuld be great if i could put switch on a Mini Mag….

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Depends on what distance you want to shoot. I have tried various lights and could only get about 30-40 mteres of reasonable illumination for comfortable shots. I have now had a monster 170mm light (liteforce) fitted to my scope (has a quick detachable mount). Shines 300m and comes with a red filter. Lights up the target beautifully out to 150 m, way beyound my shooting capabilities. Comes with a rechangeable battery that fits in to a rucksack. It is pricey but suits my purpose.

Good shooting

Good advice for those surefire lights or anything else that uses those batteries is to get rechargables. I got one from china that came with 4 batteries and the charger. I think the total was 15 bucks or something like that. I use them in my light and in my NV. They work great. They might not last quite as long as the normal ones, but they recharge. 5 bucks for 1 at walmart was just too much for batteries that died so fast.

I ordered a switch form good ole C.T. dirt…. I’m gonna try a 4 cell mini mag.. a little bigger but my night hunting is sitting in the deck ..baiting rats from the stream below the house…. Now need to go to the store for some red celofane….NS about that spelling…

Thanks John……………I sent you a PM

I have a G2……..its a great light

Maybe I will mount my G2 on my Talon per John’s instructions & get a new G3 for fishin & camping 😆

quote WalkonKing:

The sure fire stuff is great…..the battery cost is a killer.

Yeah, they’re not as cheap as AA’s, but they sure are freakin’ bright! The first time I tried one, I thought I was holding a Q-beam. 😆

The sure fire stuff is great…..the battery cost is a killer.

The Surefire G3 is the best light I’ve found for the money.


It puts out 105 lumens and can be mounted in a 1″ scope ring. The on/off button in in the endcap and can be pushed for a “momentary” on or twisted a little for continuous on.

Use a low priced rimfire mount and then attach it to the tri rail or the lower accessory rail.

I wish I knew how to mount my surefire 65 lumen light on my trirail or scope……

The Surefire lights are awesome…….no “white out” in the center…full radius of light

Any suggestions on how to mount one on my Talon SS????

I have tried several lights–Browning Black Ice have a narrow beam that can be focused. I have a 9 v and a 6 v. Good to 40 yards depending on the backqround. Drawback switch near the front of the light. Dorcy makes a Spyderlight high intensity light with a fairly wide beam for low 25 bucks or so which probably can be fitted with a remote switch. I recent got a BSA laser light combo which mounts on the scope and I was pleasantly surprised by the brightness at 30 yards. The beam is well focused. The laser would be good to that range as well. Most of the lights have a 1 inch diameter body so you can use a cheap scope ring to mount them.

Do you have a Sams Club near you? They have a 3watt lite that is very brite and you get 2 for $29.

Not black but they are brite.


You can put a switch on a mini mag.


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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