which website sale Ring for 30mm TubeDiameter,11mmdovetail

i want to buy a ring about 35$ to 100$.

my gun base is 11mm dovetail,and my scope Tube Diameter is 30mm,i cann’t find these Ring in any website ,is anybody know tell me which website sale this.

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code 54231,is for 11mm dove tail, 25.4mm Tube Diameter

Many Ring have these size( 11mm dove tail, 25.4mm Tube Diameter ), just havn’t 30mm Tube Diameter , i confuse Ring for 11mm dove tail, 30mm Tube Diameter it so difficult to find in US??

” What we have here is a failure to communicate . . ” Sorry, can’t help that with all that talk about fav. movies 😉

Andrew, SilentS gave you a perfect recommendation for what you have asked for because you didn’t mention anything about your .308 (presummably a firearm) in your post. The problem is most CF firearms don’t come with 11mm dove tail. If you want just one set of rings that can be used on both, you have to have an adaptor either for the 11mm dove tail or for the firearm which most likely will have weaver rail. I think it will be a lot easier for you to get a 11mm dove tail to weaver adaptor and buy rings with weaver mount.

You may still run into trouble with scope height. Your condor requires high or ultra high rings. That may be to high for your .308 rifle. Just a heads-up.

Good luck with your choice.

i want the ring fit the condor and my other .308 gun, i see that Ring is for airgun. it’s any good band have this Ring ,like leupold?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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