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    This one by Barska, a 10-40×50 http://www.sportsmansguide.com/cb/cb.asp?a=339236

    or this one, (10-40×50) by Guide Gear (the sportsman’s guide), http://www.sportsmansguide.com/cb/cb.asp?a=359181

    or this one, by NC Star (10-40×50) (also available @ the Sportsman’s guide)

    Looks like the difference between the guide gear and the NC Star is the color of the reticle (which looks pretty cool). The only other difference I see is the reticle on the Barska scope is mil-dot, and it comes with a sunshade…is it really worth the extra $50?

    I am slowly working on gathering items for a talonSS, so that when I finally do get to buy one, I’ll have ALL my accessories for it !
    Thanks peeps,


    That Barska scope look nice. Have you looked at the Center Point or Leapers line of scopes yet?


    yeah…I’ve looked at them, unfortunately they don’t go that high on magnification…I really want the Nikko Sterling 10-50×60, but $700 is a little high for a scope (for me, right now anyway)


    Look at the MTC Optics Viper series of scopes. They are comparable to the Nikko Sterling at almost half the price. Also the mildot is set up specifically for airguns.

    Airguns or Arizona or Steve at SSairguns can hook you up with them.


    Shadoh; Have you thought about going high end? There are few scopes that compare with Leupold. You can mount it to your AirForce Talon or Condor and pull it off for use on a high power when you feel the need for long range shooting. It’s also American made with an incredible guarantee.

    One caution though, if you choose to go this route, ensure you have the ability to adjust parallax for closer shots. Closer than 10 yards I use a laser due to the high scope mount of either the Talon or Condor.

    Just another option for you to consider. AKULA


    Hi Airgunner, I have the ZOS 10-40×50 mildot and the Nikko 10-50×60 w/NATO reticle. Although I LOVE the Nikko it weighs a literal TON 40 oz. + some crazy sturdy/HEAVY mounts. The ZOS is way lighter and looks FANTASTIC on the gun AND it has illuminated reticle! I got mine for $250 shipped from a guy on the TOG like 2.5 years ago…my Dad is actually using it on a field target custom Talon now.

    I got the Nikko because most of the national field target winners used it. Damned nice scope but crazy expensive…I was/am planning on shooting some field target sometime in the future. For anything less than a no holds barred gun I’d get something else…

    I did have a REALLY hard time NOT buying the Leopold though seriously I did A LOT of reading on it and they are some kick ass scopes with the highest quality glass and the brightest view. Price is in the middle and worth every penny. I bought the ZOS before I really looked at the Leopold and the Nikko beat it ONLY because I wanted to shoot competative field target..

    Here’s the instructions to get the ZOS to focus to 10’ish yards…should work on those other scopes as they are probably just relabled but the same thing? No tools needed and very simple.

    Let me see if I can get the photo’s posted or repost the web page…I have it saved on my laptop I have here…


    quote :

    brand new ZOS 10-40×50

    30mm tube
    11-brightness-settings Illumination.
    FREE – 30mm high mounts
    FREE – 5 inch sunshade
    FREE – 9cm OD big side wheel
    FREE – lens covers
    FREE – extra battery for illumination

    Magnification: 10-40x
    Objective Lens Dia.(mm): 50
    Reticle: Mil Dot IR (Illuminated Reticle)
    Field of View:
    3.1m @ 10x @ 100m / 0.9m @ 40x @ 100m
    Exit Pupil (mm): 5.0-1.3
    Eye Relief (inch): 3.6
    Click Value (inch): 1/8
    Tube Diameter: 30mm
    Finish: Black Matte
    Weight (oz): 31.4
    Length (inch): 15.7

    ZOS 10-40×50 served very well on FT competition rifles such as Steyr LG110 / LG100 /AA EV2 / AA MFR / Walther dominator / Weihrauch HW100… and hunting rig like Airforce/Theoben/Bam/other springers…

    the 40x mag gives outstanding rangefinding capblity.. ideal for long range shooting and hunting…

    It also working with other powerful guns..

    It’s come with excellent center illuminated mil-dot reticle. like the AGS\Leapers reticle.

    Out of the box it focuses down to 15M but it is extremely simple to change the parallax adjustment range to allow it to focus down to 10M…takes about 1 minute with NO tools.

    Sidewheel is large enough for FT use and has no markings thus allowing users to write down their own…no need at all for an aftermarket sidewheel…same goes for the huge sniper type target turrets.

    ZOS 10 meter focus adjustment instruction:

    1. place a object at 10m range and return the parallax to minmum setting.

    2. remove the front lens cover.

    3. gently turn anti-clockwise the front lens locking ring and remove it.

    4. set Zos at 40x mag and look thru to that object at 10m range. gently turn anti-clockwise the front lens ring until the picture focused to 10m object.

    5. gently put back the front lens locking ring and make sure it locked.

    6. job has done! now u have 10m focus set.

    7. u can mark on big side wheel by calibrate the actual distance.

    differences between older model on ebay:


    ebay version is ladder reticle and will illuminated the whole thing.

    my zos is mil-dot reticle and only mil-dot area illuminated, which is much better.

    ebay version has no sunshade but a pre-cut objective angle.

    my zos comes with 5 inch sunshade, can almost shoot direct into the sunlight.

    ebay verion has no big side wheel.

    my zos comes with 9cms OD big side wheel, it’s FT must have.

    ebay version has difficulty to bring down to 10m focus.

    my zos can adjust down to 10m focus with 1min and without any tool. not much scope can offer this feature.. i got mine focus down to 8m.

    it’s as same as Barska 10-40×50 IR SWAT Extreme Tactical Scope and plus a big side wheel.
    ZOS 10-40×50 30mm Scope US$250 incl worldwide shipping


    H-m-m-m maybe I can compress and email it to you? it is going to take me too much time right now to repost it…

    PM me if you want me to try the email, Jim.


    Blackops; Jim, I’d like to try a ZOS on a 4,000 + fpe rig. Please send me yours and I’ll mount it up and see how it does over a series of shots.

    But seriously, can the ZOS will hold up to mule kick recoil? If so, I could use such a thing as a back up scope. I hunt in the high country on horseback. Horses have a nasty habit of slipping and falling when traverseing snow, ice and rock on a steep grade. I’ve had horses slip, fall and roll over my saddle slung scabbard. Bottomline; bye bye scope. Time to buy another. I carry an extra high power scoped rifle…just in case.

    If the ZOS can handle high recoil, I’m interested in carrying one as you never know how many times your mount may attempt skiing, rolling, jumping, falling, slipping, spooking or just getting pissed off and rolling over your rifle to get to camp quicker.

    The bull barreled rifles and synthethic stocks never seem to take a hit but the scopes become uprights for lamps in quick order. Bent, smashed and useless is what they become.

    By the way, welcome back from Iraq. You’re most welcome here. AKULA


    AKULA PM me your email and I’ll send the compressed folder to you…the guy has the ZOS mounted on all kinds of firearms but no .375 H&H’s or .340 Weatherby Magnums 😆 I’d stick with Leopold for that kind of abuse and warranty for when you rattle that scope!

    What gun do you shoot?

    I’m trying to post it to my website but it might take me a minute 😉 I’m a little slow 😀



    Well damn I kinda got it up and posted…. check out this old post/page here if your interested in the ZOS info.


    It’s one of my sites I started learning on…

    EDIT…shoot a couple of the pics didn’t make it…I’ll have to add them tomorrow but most of the important ones made it….



    The ZOS looks like a nice scope, but this one: http://www.sportsmansguide.com/cb/cb.asp?a=359181
    is only $150, the only 2 things it doesn’t come with are a sunshield, and the big ‘wheel’…I like the reticle better on this one too! I was curious as if anyone on here has tried one, for the quality aspect of it…they also have the NC Star name on one like it too, but wiht the reticle being red versus green…
    Also, if you remove the front cover and rotate the front lense, don’t you de-presurize the nitrogen fill and cause fogging?


    Hey Airgunner, man I like that scope A LOT! it looks really the same as the ZOS too except for the angled front of the scope. Using the ZOS so far it is a really, really nice scope. That reticle is bad ass too…much more than the kinda boring ZOS mil-dot LOL. The sidewheel you’ll want to get when you can as it makes adjusting that knob MUCH easier. Your target is out of focus until you adjust that AND when it “snaps” into focus you have a pretty accurate idea how far away it is. Focusing it only becomes a bitch at higher/max power though. You can get a wheel for it though if you find you want/need one.

    If it’s Nitrogen filled I’d think there would be a chance it could leak out depending on how it is put together? they might use o-rings and grease or??? BUT I don’t see where this one it Ntrogen filled??? I don’t get out in many extreme conditions but I have never had a scope fog up inside it in almost 30 years…and I’d still adjust the lense if it didn’t focus down close enough for me. Prolly put silicon divers grease on the threads all the way up to the lense to help keep it sealed anyway…at 10X it might focus down to VERY close and be a non issue anyway…the focusing down to 10 yards AT 40X is for range finding in Field Target shooting.

    Sunshield looks WAY cool but it also can get broken off 😆 I’d be comfy with just the angled front or you can make a “slide-on” sund shade from cardboard or plastic that will work just as well and look nice also, and it can’t break off. If you found you even needed it?

    That thing only weighs 24 oz!!!!! 😆 nice…that Nikko has a lot of glass in it and it is freaking heavy.

    I tend to go off 1/2 cocked but if I needed another scope that one there would already be on it’s way for $150!

    Definitely let us know what you decide and what you think of it when you get it.



    Yeah, the Nikko is a great scope but is heavy, as Jim said (I have one too). That being said, it is very bright, very crisp and just an all round great scope. If you don’t want to get one I would advise to give great thought as to why, as great as it is there are some downsides: the weight, cost, minimum zoom, raising the center of gravity, to name but a few. However, if you do a lot of shooting from a bipod and can take the $ hit then it is tough to beat.

    Jim: what is your Nikko mounted on?


    Yeah, the NIkko is the first scope I looked at over 2 years ago when I first started looking at these airguns and I had found them in New Zealand for only about $450 😳 Should have bought the darn thing then….now they are about $600…oh well, I am getting a green laser and the scope I mentioned (with the green reticle…same as the NC Star, but with sportsman’s guide’s name on it), got a bipod and a sure fire weapon mount flashlight…all I need to do now is save up for a Pigme tank from Airhog, and the Talon SS !…
    Thanks guys for all the input….whenever I do finally get the scope, I’ll let y’all know how it looks!

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