which model of Nightvision is lowest price for airrifle?

Could give me some advice ? Thank U


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Just wondering, of the items I see listed, none have cross hairs.

My question is, how do these function as sights on an air gun?

Am I missing something or are these just used to spot game, not to sight in on the game?


Yukon NVMT would be next step up from the elf for around $180.

I tried to buy an ELF just top try it out, but the order got cancelled…..

I’ve used Yukons and they are very good for Gen 1, Much better than the Night Owl/Bushnells etc. Only Gen 1 I’ve used better than the Yukon was an ATN which cost a lot more and the difference there wasnt that great.

The “Elf” is like 99 bucks or cheaper on Ebay. I know some have used that in the past. You can use a cheaper nighvision if you have good IR illumination to light up your target.

Viewing 3 replies - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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