which grip to get?

hi all, after shooting with photo22’s amazing condor i am convinced i need a new and better grip than that toy plastic piece of sh*t that airforce mounts in their factory.
On egun parts.com you can get all kind of cheap grips (photo’s condor grip was awesome but a bit too pricy for me) but i’m wondering which mdel of grip to get.
i’m not afraid of modding a grip to fit, but don’t want to end up with hours of work and a grip that doesn;’t feel right. I’m a lefty too, so it need to be ambi. Was thinking about an ar15 grip, does that makes sense?? Or are there others that come closer to the airfrce design and fit.
thanks in advance guys!


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No Offense taken, just that your original post mentioned AR-15 and didnt mention Paintball at all like WOK’s or Rusty – The Ergo is an AR-15 grip.

ah yep, seen that , no offense but i’m looking for a model like walkonking has, or the grips who came of a paintball marker from user ‘rustykfd’ , the ss with the green grips.

thanks anyway


Not sure if this comes in a leftie version, but this is my grip and the process to mod if, if that helps at all.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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