Which Digital Video Recorder? and editing Software?

What DVR are you guys using to make some really good shooting videos? I want to have high resolution IE: seeing the pellet impact as well as be able to slow motion the shots down to see the detail.

Any suggestions on model’s or frame rates etc. I just bought a JVC GZ-MG155 and thought it would work good but I don’t know???

Also which software will work good for editing these movies?

Thanks, Jim.


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I stopped in BestBuy today and looked at what they had and ended up getting the Sony DCR-SR42 as it has the regular night shot and has a 30 Gig Hard Drive. The guy there thought the Sony’s were a little better than the JVC’s because of higher quality glass but he said they would all be really good Video recorders and bad not so good at Still shots just like a Digital Camera is awsome at pictures and OK at video…The still pictures the Sony takes are much nicer than the JVC at least color wise and I didn’t have to hold the Camera against the wall to get a clear picture. Same light same background.

I’ll keep you guys posted over the next couple days/this weekend on how it works and if I find a place to shoot how it does maybe hunting??? I saw 2 big rabbits on a trail out in BFE while looking for a place to shoot and a couple pigeons today while out looking around.


I think a lot of catching the pellet in flight is just conditions and any modern camera should be able to catch it if everything is right.

Longer range, with camera close to the bore of the rifle, well lit (sun behind is best to catch the reflection on back of pellet) with a shiny pellet (kodiak/JSB) and a simple backdrop (Tree’s are bad, sky is good etc) tend to give the best results from what I’ve seen/read/experienced.

Cool thanks YN I’ll check with Lasse and see what he thinks of the one he has? I didn’t think about the camera being able to do the super slo-mo!!! I’m going to look at the JVC again and see if it says anything about it? I saw a video of a guy shooting Crows or Ravens or something like that and he did both full speed and slo-mo where you could watch the pellet and that was amazing…that is what I was looking for but didn’t know how to do it.

I’ll look up that software on google and it is GREAT to hear you use MMM also! less $$ is mo-better 😀

Oh yea I saw the hammer/slide bounce Lasse did a video of and it was fascinating…he might have needed more light? but you can see it pretty clear.

I need to do some more reading on Digital Recorders…


I love my Sony Camcorder. Its tape based MiniDV though and admittidly I havent checked into HDD based camera’s or those mp4 solid state mini camera’s.

I do have video recording on my Regular still camera (canon IS S2), but its uncompressed and takes a ton of room so I dont often use it.. Plus it might actually be bigger than my DV camcorder.

When Cygnusx gets back from the hog hunt I’m sure he’ll have some good input on this as he just bought a Wide Screen camera, cant remember if he went MiniDV tape or HDD, but its a Sony and it can record SUPER slow motion for like 4 seconds….. You gotta hit record and then do what u want to do real quick. It works pretty good, but the quality isnt as good as the regular mode and it needs decent lighting.

I use windows movie maker to capture footage over firewire from mycamera and then use virtual dub to edit it (google virtual dub and you’ll find it, freeware too). I installed Sony vegas and adobe premier, but they both jam up my system as its quite old.

Took the JVC back as the still photo’s sucked…video was amazing and EASY to transfer…included software was useless…I did use Windows Movie Maker and it seemed like it works really good and VERY easy to use. WMM only went to 1/2 speed though and I don’t think that is slow enough to see the pellet and impact?


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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