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Which bench rest or target .25? advice please

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    Hi guys
    Ok been active here and other forums re bullpups.
    Live in France , easy access to many makes
    .25 pcp
    High shot count
    Very accurate, want to compete at my gun club against powder burners.
    Adjustable stock, comb and butt
    Wouldn’t use multi calibre system
    Biathlon style loading
    Not noisy
    About 45 lbs ft
    Easy regulation of performance useful
    Good shot string
    Easy magazine fill and ability to single shot fill, love magazine with anti double loading
    Quality,customer care.
    FX, Theoben style magazine first round backwards, very spring dependent. (That Ben Taylor designed magazine was on my Rapid 7 over 20 years ago, advanced system then but now an antique)

    Grateful for ideas, was looking at Impact/Crown but magazine puts me off. Personal taste know loads of others love it.

    Safe shooting

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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