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    What is this place??? What is that yellow brick road doing there and where does it go??? Is that a UFO or am I seeing things???

    Hey I’m actually posting here!!!

    I signed up on the TOG 3 different times under 3 different names. When I tried to sign up with the same name it said the name was in use. Of course it was in use; it was always & still me every freakin’ time. When I tried to log in, it said that guy didn’t exist. I was lost!!! I want my Mommy!!!

    Looks like I now get to Airforce Away to my hearts content and that suits me fine cause’ I am one proud owner of an Anthony Annuzzi Tuned .25 Talon that shoots lights out…

    Boy did that feel good to say… Hey Guys…


    That some funny stuff, Alright Redd…

    You think it was hard getting into the TOG? Once inside you would have seen how easy it was to get kicked out! Since the massive deletion of members and moderators the TOG has lost thousands of posts!

    Give us the 411 on that .25 buy Anthony266. I have not seen one and would love to see you give us an evaluation on it!

    Welcome man I am glad you found us.

    Adam in SoCal


    Me tooooooooooo!!

    Lets un know soon ok cant wate till my toys get here


    Hey Kevin…

    You found your home Bro…..

    Spread the word my Friend.

    How is that BeaSSt shooting?



    Even Brew Showed Up…

    Good to see both you guys at your new home…
    Please post away…


    Many Thanx For The Welcome, Guys…

    I will get to posting some numbers pictures and a story of my .25 this weekend…

    Every time I shoot this rifle, I have to check to make sure I am not wearing my feathered drawers cause’ it just tickles that much when I shoot it…

    By the way, Tony, The BeaSSt is wonderful. You not only upgraded my rifle, you just upgraded the name. The double S in BeaSSt really fits and is now a worthy name for a worthy weapon.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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