where is the compressor site? got it in…

With every one getting compressor we need a place just to talk about compressors , Will group them all together and help out the people looking to spend there life savings on a compressor.
Got my Shelden compressor in Friday, Have not even fired it up, Due to the peace treaty I signed with the wife.. Weekends are hers we do what she wants, Monday—- Friday is mine,
UPS man delivered it upside down, Big arrow said this side up, DUH !!!!! I was impressed with the building of the crate,

It came with a stack of paper that was easy to read , Had pictures so I did not have to read,,, Very good,

Compressors, Tanks and Pumps

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You probably got it sitting next to you in the living room.

Good question, Beats the fire out of me I have not got that far yet, :winkn:
I do no I have a manual bleed valve for the moisture,
This weekend has been crazy , Monday I will take an hour or so read all the papers look at the pictures and fill the Great white to 4500 PSI,,,,
I will know a lot more about it then,,, I did go out and look at it once today, LOL.

What kind of shut-off does it use?

It was super fast shipping, I think he shipped it Wednesday and I got it Friday ,
I still owed a money for the oil and drying stuff, He said oh just send me a check,
What a nice person to deal with,
We have a place to talk about everything else, Be pretty neat to have all the compressor, story’s, pictures, and stuff in one place,,,,,
Oh yea, while I am wishing maybe a place for tanks to. Tanks and pumps, :angrymob: :rofl:

Glad you got your compressor!! Means mine should be almost ready to ship!!

Give it time I’m sure the Mod will come up with something…

LOL, It was 11 O clock at night she was in the shower getting ready for bed, I just had to sneak the pictures in,
Got up late today, And she is off to church with her sister, LOL.
Zonk, I think we just got your cold front hitting today, high 48, Monday 28,
Now that’s cold for Texas,
We still need a place that says,

Yea Mike it looks like your spending time with the wife. She must be shopping or at her sisters….. 😆

I bought a tin of the .22 short polymags to test but with minus 8 to minus 16 it’s just to damn cold for me.

I am ready to fire this baby up and start doing some shooting, Down to about 22 tins of pellets will have to order more ASAP…
Where is that new report on the short 22 Poymags????
In the PCP sport deep. :rofl:
Man If I could mix this with my motorcycle hobby, I would be in heaven,

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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