WHere can I find JSB’s in stock

Iv’e been waiting on Pyramyd forever….looking for 22 cal diablo heavies and 177 heavies in the 500 count tins….

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Good info on the re-label! I bought a couple tins a while ago for testing and they have been out of stock for seems like months.


Airguns of Airzona has there own label rumored to be JSB. Any Sportsmans Warehose has BSA wolverines which are relabeled JSBs also. Might be why there is a shortage of their own label.

You might try Straightshooters. They usually have great service.

Pyramyd has just got the 500ct in.I just ordered mine before they got snatched up.

Also, try Sportsman Warehouse. They are sold under the BSA line at a lesser price. Has a Bear on the lid. Can’t remember what they are called. But I’ll bet someone here can tell you! Mike

Take a look at Pomona Airguns and see if he has any in stock. Fax or phone is your choice. Fax sometimes works better

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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