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    I’ve recently decided to purchase my first PCP and have no clue what I need to get started.

    What I’ve decided on is a Talon SS in .22 with a handpump (move up to a tank later on). However i do not know what odds and ends i need to actually be able to charge the SS from the pump. at first i though it was one adapter you simply connect to the pump and then stick the bottle in, but then i was told i would need a hose for it to work.

    So i need a little help here.

    Other things I’ve decided on was a Chrony, Bi-pod, Scope, and Mounts, and some kodiak, logun and jsb pellets to try out. Also thinking about getting a longer barrel how far would the 18in stick out past the Frame compared to a 24in?


    For the airforce tank the adapter will fit directly into the pump and no hose is needed.

    Check out our quick reference section and you can watch a bunch of videos on the Talon


    Thanks for the quick response … I’ll head over to that section now


    Also, go for the tri-rail. It will stiffen up the frame and you can use medium mounts with it.

    If I were you, I’d shoot the gun for awhile before deciding on a second barrel.


    On the tri rail, just make sure you get a good one, see the “Scope misalignment thread ”

    Welcome and enjoy researching alot to digest before purchase. I too would stick with the 12″ barrel for a bit, its no slouch when you can get 16g pellets up to 800fps, which is plenty for most applications. Unless your going to be shooting out past 50yds. A valve mod will add some velocity allowing a gain of 100fps w/ the 12″. Along with some baffles in the frame its a good combination to start with. A bi-pod would be more of a need for me then a longer barrel to start with.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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