what pellets to buy?

im thinking about geting some cp but i tried some cp hollowpoints wich shot horible i mean bad , tried geting some acupels wich group very good but they are discontinued, usualy i shoot jsb but they get expensive, im planing on geting a 24 in and some pellets to save on shipping any feedback thanks.
i heard somethig about the dies of the cp’s that are not as good as some of the older ones dont remember where i read that.

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I recommend using Vogel pellets, for spot on shooting, ten shots, 10 meters, one hole.

I use swage my own for putting food on the platter. I can not say they are better than anything else, I just like making my own stuff.

I get all my pellets from Pyramid…which die is better/best for the CP’s? you’ll have a difficult time beating the price of those in bulk though.

I’m guessing but when the guys comment on which die is best I think those guys are really serious FT or Target shooters and the difference I’m guessing is maybe 1/8″ group difference at 50 yards? and that would be averaged. Anyone ever get into this?

If you don’t sort your pellets by visual inpection wash and weigh them into groups the die isn’t going to make any difference your going to notice…


thats the bad part i cant get free shipping it has to be air and its about 30 to 40 bucks straight shooter gives me beter shipping using flat rate box of 10 dollars but there a bit more expencive and have to buy 5 and the 6 is free not bad but with the 10 % pa cupon and the 24 in bbl for 130.00 i think i get e beter buy from pa i think.

I shoot and love CP’s and Kodiak’s in .22

I buy from Pyramid Airgun and buy $150 worth of pellets to get free shipping and you get 1 free tin with every 3 bought.

Tim from Mac1 will be starting his Pellet sale soon and they are a good price from him also.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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