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What makes it a Talondor?

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    From what i know, R and L has some new valving coming out for the 257. Knifemaker Mike is testing versions now.

    quote Tofazfou:

    ohhhhhh yeah, speaking of names, the new names is…………………………………………………………..MATADOR 257! :fishing:

    Come on, how could you guys have NOT beat me to this one :rofl:

    Cedric: I BEAT you to the Matador 257 name by way over a year!

    I got an Edgun MATADOR 30 cal long and: shot around 100 JSB 30 cal 46 grain pellets thru it. As delivered, it shot the JSBs at 965 fps. I turned it down to 885 and I was very happy with the 30 cal Matador but: I bought the gun just to make a .257 cast bullet shooter out of it. Turned down to 885, it got around 38 regulated shots per 250 bar fill.

    I fitted a 28 inch long, 1 in 14″ twist TJ’s .257″ barrel on it and I got it to shoot my cut down and Eric HP 62 grain 257420 cast slugs at 950 fps. I thought, and still think, that I can get around 20-25 regulated shots starting with a 250 bar fill. Ed says that the 30 cal is rated for a 250 bar fill.

    I still have more on the HST and regulator: right now, I need to find somebody that will make me an air valve rod that will take over the 145 bar that I currently have my reg set at. My stock 30 cal reg was set at 140 bar when I got the gun. I would like to be able to max the HST out and turn the reg up to 150-160 bar.

    I have an air valve design that I think would be bullet proof; I just need to find somebody to make it.

    I bought 3 air valve rods from Ernest and they all came apart after 5-10 shots at 145 bar. Ernest told me that his air valve rods are only designed for 140 bar.

    I still have a 257 Condor on order from Doug: at least every time that I have called him, he said that I am still on his to do list!

    If you and Knife would just leave the poor guy alone for a while, Doug might find the time to build my gun!

    Ya bastadrs!



    NICE TO SEE YA SIR! OK OK, i will leave Doug alone now. But i can’t speak for that damned Mike.

    But im gonna keep the MA (mad Dog stock) TA (talon) DOR (con DOR). But you can have the credit….i don’t want to be famous anyways…!

    How have you been?


    Yeah! Where ya been Tedd?


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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