What is the best .25 pellet for a Condor?

So any ideas on the best .25 pellet and velocity for use with a Condor when shooting past 100 yards?

Thanks Randy

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Holy Crap…..

quote :

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I would just shoot what groups best in your rifle.

I agree with Tony.

Kodiaks were SUPER accurate in mine. Pointed 42gr and the regular Eun Jins were accurate – about 1/2″ CTC at 50 yards, but Kodiaks made ragged holes, so less than 1.4″ CTC.

I never shot them further than 50 so I cant comment on 100 yard shots, but I’d guess they will do just fine and be an extrapolation of the 50 yard results I had.

This was with a LW choked regular profile .25 approx 23.8″ long around 80fpe.

First choice would be the .25 Kodiak..

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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