What happened to the TOG Forum?

I am so confused. Which in my present state of Old Grouse is not hard to do, thank God for blended Scotch Whiskey.

I have been trying to figure out what happened on TOG. But I can not. Something about a take over, a coupe, a bunch of deleted messages, a lot of name calling and lots and lots of bad blood.

Dang it, I just discovered Airforce rifles and now all this s-it hits the fan.

What gives fellows and ladies?

I have learned a lot in my limited time on TOG, and even bought some cool stuff from some members. I learned I like the idea of a stock Airforce rifle since I have no idea mechanically or otherwise how to change one. I would probably end up with a nice non-working Talon-SS that was only good for use as a club.

Well, hope I don’t p-ss no one off on this greenish/yellow talon place, I was just hoping someone could give me the readers digest of what is going on.

Thanks for listening,

Paul G.

P.S. Since I live in Texas and no one around here appreciates “BB-GUNS” my only source of ideas and stuff is the net. I want as many sources as possible. I am BI-website-uality. LOL

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Here are couple of threads that might answer some questions…
August 25 2007, 11:58 PM

To make a long story short
-Dragon had a grudge against Anthony266from the Oykas fights
-TOG forum owner Dragon publically berate and besmirches Anthony266 on of his moderators in public.
– Dragon deletes Anthony266 without Anthony saying a word on the forum
– I confront Dragon and he threatens me and deletes thread
– Teflon Tron confronts Dragon for a his action against Anthony
– Yellow Ninja gives up his moderator status and confronts Dragon for his actions against Anthony266
– Dragon threatens deletion to all of us.
– Yellow Ninja make a momma joke about MR. Lama, I do to, so does Tron, we all are threatened with deletion.
– Lama says it is a joke and he is okay with it Dragon then berates Lama in public for not being offended
– Tron, YN and Walk on king confront Don again in answer to Dons post berating Lama a 16 year old kid BTW
– Tron, YN, WOK and Lama are deleted and so is every post they ever made which effected thousands of post.
– A plan to move to another forum was in the works
– The administration at the TOG hacks into all members files and is reading the privat messages and Instant messages which is a federal crime
– The administrator involved claimed he did it to spy on a member and found a message about another forum
– The administor involves deletes his post of admitting his action and then deletes his own account.
-One of Dragon other moderators tells him a fantastic fictional tale of a coup and Dragon believes it
– Many leave the TOG due to the crappy why people were treated and this forum was started
– So here we are and here a are a couple of links to catch you up to speed



I agree Rob, I have not given up on TOG. But I did nothing over there and dozens of my posts to the “damned” got deleted (by he whos name should not be spoken). Why waste time posting, if its just gonna get capricously deleted? (my spelling sucks!!).


I’ve not given up on the TOG just yet. It’s not the place it used to be, but I still have hope for it.

Lots of questions and lots of misinformation. Myself, it’s hard for me to dig through to find the truth so I’ve chosen not to dig for now.

Meanwhile, ‘the damned’ as I’ve jokingly labeled them, who created this forum, has graciously allowed me to visit. I’ll be on the TOG as well and will not give up on it so long as I’m welcome there….

I can still be the spelling nazi though right?


Yah What Bart said! The advantage for all of us, is that there is no monopoly on Airforce Gun forums — you now have a choice! And that is a good thing!!
With a choice, no one person can be “The Soup Nazi”

“No soup for you!! – come back one year!”


Hmmmmm, that has a nice ring to it: “THE DELETED ONES”
Sounds a bit like yoda 😀

It seems what has happened recently is the climax of a long-standing disagreement of some of the more prominent members/mods of the TOG with the owner regarding his management of the TOG.
The owner didn’t take this too kindly, resulting in the deletion of pretty much everything and everyone remotely critical towards him.
The deleted ones and their “followers” are establishing a new, less troublesome home for us Talon/Stealth enthusiasts.

That’s it in a nutshell, it was a hell of a lot more complicated, and still is ^_^

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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