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what ammo works best in your bulldog 357

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    I have a bulldog and i have purchased pretty much every 357 mold that lee makes and i have found that the
    that the lee swc in 105 gr work best for my gun. i purchased a accuratemold in 357 bob’ boattail bullet mold
    128g they that work good for longer shots. what works best in your bulldog im still looking for that perfect bullet

    this is the bobs boattal at 65 yards



    I am gonna be casting ammo for my Bulldog soon, But so far have only shot the 81 grain JSB and the 145 grain Nosler. My 50 yard groups are under an inch with both ammo, and around 2 inches @ 100yards. I want to try some Hunter Supply cast bullets, or Mrhollowpoint…But I keep thinking why pay them? when I can cast my own…

    The JSB are a great all around ammo in my opinion..,mine is shooting them around 880 – 940fps, and when shooting the JSB’s I can 15-20 good shots. 156 fpe!

    I am toppping out at exactly 180 fpe with the Nosler 145grain, so Crosman is spot on with their claim of 200 foot pounds of energy was with a (170grain). I am sure it will do it, but who wants to only shoot 600-650fps just to get max fpe!?

    Mine is shooting those Nosler really really good ….So I personally do not see a need to shoot anything over 145 grains , since I am topping out @ 750 fps with them. I would prefer to be shooting something in the 800’s feet per second, so I will probably cast my own ammo around 100-125 grains… Perfect combination of weight & speed ratio for this gun in my opinion. But I still think that JSB is a sleeper ammo for the Bulldog…I am gonna stock up on thousands of JSB, and a few hundred Noslers….then cast my own ammo



    I would love to see some slow video of the bulldog shooting some sparrows or a few Euro doves.
    I am not sick, I just would like to see the explosion of that much energy taking a small pray.



    iride , I’m with you 100 % , nothing better than seeing a little critter getting blown up .




    P.S. on a side note on the Bulldogs noise.. Just like any other pcp, especially one with a functional shroud. The gun is not loud when shooting the heavy 145 grain, but if you shoot the JSB 81 grain it barks pretty good.

    I have personally shot mine indoors in an apartment, 10 shots with the nosler across the chrony.. Is doable, 11th shot was a JSB around 900 fps had my ears ringing.. But that is indoors, when outside it is fairly tame shooting the Nosler, and of course the lighter ammo makes more noise..but still not bad considering it is shooting 150-180 foot pounds



    The best ammo for my Bulldog is my .357 BBT. In my gun is more accurate than a pellet and more accurate than any other slug I tried. After shooting in my Bulldog and Recluse I bought 6 molds to put on my commercial casting machine to offer them for sale. We have tried in the new Slayer as well with great results.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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