What about A 25 cal MACHINE GUN / AIR GUN?????

All right, Its clear there are a bunch of good idea people here. Also there are a lot of good builders here. What about designing/building a 25 cal., gas operated, round ball fireing, scuba tank supplied, full auto gun?????

First, Is it legal? — Its just a pellet gun – Right?

Round balls should be easy to feed and chamber.

It would need a huge air source, maybe a 45 cubic foot scuba cylinder strapped to your back. Then a hand held full auto gun on a hose — just like Arnold s. in “The Predator” movie. Remember the scene where Arnold’s buddy schreads the jungle with a minigun???

Can you imagine 600 rounds per minute, at 1000 FPS ???

I am crazy enough to try and build such a thing? I got all winter.
What about you guys???



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I found the plans 4 free 😀



I think what you are looking for is this one:

The Caselman APMG


I found the drawings free somewhere, an I will try to find the link for you.

Best Regards

Bah, yeah, thats it. I meant to put that link in my post but I see I spaced it.

I hope this is the website you were looking for:


I thought that thing would never stop fireing??!!!!!!
What started the fire???

What I had envisioned was a single barrel gun.
The only reason for the multiple barrel arrangement is to keep the barrels from melting.
An airgun barrel is naturaly air cooled.

Pressure in the shroud sounds like an ideal source for air to cycle the gun. The timeing would be perfect – shroud pressure only appears after the projectile clears the bore, just in time to load the next round. With shroud air there would be no need to build a complicated barrel tap to get air. I would think that there would be plenty of pressure in the shroud to cycle the breach.

Your right, the balls could be hopper stored and tube fed.


M; Buy a Thompson, Ma Duce or an M-60….after you pay the ATF for a Class 3 license from the ATF if you like to rock and roll.

I like the peace and quiet of air guns….One shot, one kill, reload…do it again! AKULA

This might be the one but I remember the site being different and there were videos and different pics. Its been a long time.

to feed the beast, Could you use a hopper next to the carbon fiber air tank strapped to the back. Round balls could be gravity fed into a hard plastic air hose. You could shroud the barrel and use the shrouds back pressure to operate the bolt.

Now I want one too.

Found a video of it right off the bat.

Hmm, all my good links are gone. Whats the link to that air powered mini gun? The bottle wasnt that big actually. I will see if I can find it and the wegsite.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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