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    really thought this bullpup would get better or more reviews than whats showed.to bad so many hit all the same time. :3:


    I know it started out pretty good but the market is flooded and some of the higher end guns have dropped in price.


    I agree the market is flooded. For another $150 or so buys you an S510..

    Anybody seen tare down pics of these? To see what it is actually, how similar to Evanix Rainstorm platform?



    The only way this gun is going to get a chance in this market is for a “fire sale” by a dealer to get a few of these guns on the street where someone can give it some fair press.

    Honestly, It gives the perception that the gun is either over priced, or under quality. If the Chinese P12 can outsell it, it makes a fella wonder why it’s on the market at twice the price?



    everything is over priced when you think about it, from cars, homes to airguns. Dealers have overhead, and they have to buy like 100 guns. Some manufacturers force that on them.. So we have to understand that.

    If Pyramyd gets Evanix at about the same price and these 2 brands are made at the same place as people say, look at the price PA sells some Evanix models for.

    But we should be used by now that some dealers mark up a high end guns by $1K :rofl: “to cover their cost”.. anyway, yes business and airgun hobby is two different things.

    If Crosman would have went with one piece receiver on the Marauder, and used LW barrels for the price that would be an affordable Daystate platform gun.


    regarding P12, they are like $250 a gun from Snowpeak if you can buy 100 guns. So they are also sold for double the price here too. I think they sell because it is a clone of first generation Matador, and people more or less know what to expect, re-barell, change the seals, put WIKA manometer… Same thing why B50s sold well when they were imported. But again after upgrading all these guns price comes up to an S510 or FX Whisper.. and that is why people choose to go that route by buying a European gun.. or a Condor from Airforce. Best deals for the money really..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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