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were to buy parts for Vetran .25

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    My fellow Veteran fans. My Son took apart my .25 and now I need to put it back together. I know there is one or two small pieces missing from the
    cocking mechanism. (at least a spring that i had seen before, but is no longer).
    Does anyone have an exploded view of the Veteran (the Mutant exploded view is not quite the same).
    Also, were can I buy parts? Tony says that he does not sell parts for the Vetran.



    Can or will Tony give you an e-mail address to the manufacturer? I know the manufacturer of Vulcan sends parts out all the time when needed….a great customer service and a very good reason why the next PCP I purchase will probably be from Airgun Technology. Already have a Vulcan, but eyeing the Vulcan 2.

    Beach-gunner. :4: :4:




    Who even make taipan airguns????


    quote Pb0201:

    Who even make taipan airguns????

    Dmitriy Tamaun ……
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz71ki … pp=desktop



    This is the man, but everything I found for him is 5 years ago …

    The Russian forums mention his phone that was up to date but who knows …

    I’m going to buy Taipan Veteran Standard 25 but I’m seriously worried that if there’s no need to buy parts or ask for problems except the seller who often has no idea …



    Wouldn’t spend that kind of money on something you can’t get support for. Even edgun sells parts right? Thou for edgun money,it should never need ANYTHING!!! Damm greedy capitalists!!!! I’d love to have a matador!!! But I could get my addition finished for the price of one!!! Oh well, maybe next year if I save really hard and stop eating!! By then the price would go up AGAIN!!! Good luck man!



    SvilenP well at least your closer to the Ukraine then any of us in the USA.



    SO,does anyone know where to get parts for these rigs?? I was considering a veteran as it is marketed as a top end rig and is more affordable than a edgun but I won’t go there if i can’t find anything about the manufacturer or where to even get spare parts for it. I find it odd that the dealer wouldn’t chime in with that info too?!!!



    Yah, we really need Dman to chime in here ……..

    But I would like replacement Valves for both my Mutant and Veteran.
    Maybe some springs too.

    I believe the more demand for parts as they actually break Venders will start to import them.
    That’s how it started with EdGuns ……… it took a while though.

    …… but, my Mutant 22 has been problem free ever since its unboxing in July 2015.
    Shot count who knows abouts 30 pounds/45 tins of lead or so ?
    My Veteran 25 cal is fairly new in Oct 2017 with no problems also …. :8: .. Great Guns !

    ~ Greg, ps . …… what part(s) are u guys looking for and need, if Vendors are reading they’d need to know ?



    Very good question, I do not think I will ever sell my Mutant 22 or Veteran 25, And my Mutant 22 was one of the 1st imported,
    Brian was the 1st owner of my Mutant, I did have to replace a o ring in the barrel once, Didn’t know until i bought it its had millions of pellets shot through it, I would like to know where to get parts for it down the road.
    The barrel that came with the gun eats any pellet you stick in it super accurate ( I think D Man had something to do with this barrel) , The CZ barrel I bought for it is a little pellet picky JSB only.
    Built like a tank.



    return to who ever import the Taipan because he is the only one who can get you spare parts

    in my country ” Kuwait ” we have lever action break because the end user try to switch right to left and no experince … ends up breaking some parts

    the dealer in Kuwait took him 1x week to get the parts from Taipan… he sends all parts needed to be replaced

    so no worries at all




    Just because Taipan, an Eastern European company, does not wish to correspond with the Western “White Eye Devils”, does not mean a lack of support, rather a traditional distrust due to past negative experiences with disreputable buyers…such as “iride” a common West Texas motor-cicle hoodlum, and part time mechanic, or “Zonk”, recently released from a secure facility for the criminally insane! There was a guy named “Roachcreek” who was of questionable background, with a tendency to disappear, then quietly re-appear, albeit from whereabouts unknown…(witness protection???)…

    Personally, I deal with R & L Airguns. One of their more trustworthy importers.

    Still, I have been unable to find someone to make a biathlon style retro-fit cocking lever for my Veteran Long .25…my former machinist is currently finishing up a long term license plate printing contract with the Federal government at their Leavenworth, Kansas manufacturing facility, but I don’t wish to wait 3 to 5 years for the lever! Can you blame me?


    Kindly ‘Ol Uncle Hoot:



    Last I heard they were moving production to the CZ Republic. :4:

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