Well…… what’s it gonna

be ……TAF or TAG? Please don’t let this forum be associated with a two bit body spray……. Lama used TAG and he still can’t get none.

TAF all the way.


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T alon
A irgun
F orum

Says TAF on my bookmark, so it must be TAF.

LOL, Its always gonna be TAF to me.

TAG it is! Long live TAG! 😀

there was a vote and TAG won……

I gotta agree with you Harry, I like TAF also. It says what this is, a Forum for people who have an interest Talon Airguns. Then of course once a person has looked around, they will discover that there is much more to this forum than just AF guns. I read a bunch of stuff for several weeks before I joined, or bought my SS. The biggest attraction for me was what a friendly, polite group made up this forum. The great information was the next biggest draw for me. This is a great forum.

I don’t like TAG for several reasons. The first is that after getting a taste of how Don ran things, I would of left also. The second is that troll that showed up. If that is how TOG was, then I definitely would pass. That was just very distasteful to me. I am no boyscout and can be vulgar as necessary, but that isn’t why I come to this site.

But I will say it again, you guys who created this site have final say as far as I am concerned because you created it. And thanks again for creating it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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