Well it’s finally done…….geeesssssss…..

Well guys I have finaly done all the posible modification’s I can think of…Many many hours of work…but heres the list of all the fun…. Homemade brass/delrin hammer 55 gr, drilled and tapped frame for sear engagement adj., drilled frame in between barrel bushings,drilled front bushing,,,made a 14 in frame extension ( just got my lathe in this week ,,,,hu…rah) and yes it goes pffffffft…. home made grip and forend…I think about all that is left is to make a custom cocking knob… I never new these bad boys could be so addictive… What started of as a mild manered 750-800 fps gun can now crack a 21 gr kodiak out at 900 fps….Dropped 3 crows ( one at 95 yds),,,umpteen of those bj’s,,god only knows how many starlings , 2 possums,16 rats, 1 coon… Damn I’m addicted…..I’ll try to post some pics tommorow…just have’nt got the extension painted yet….

Talon/Talon SS

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LOL on the garbage can handle Riff,,,i had’nt noticed that but i can see what ya mean….. and thanks

Nice lookin hammer there J3. I was gonna comment on the endcap myself, but Tony already said it, LOL.

I tried that on mine, but messed it up, so now its an ugly endcap… but it works very well.

I love the way that no 2 modded Talons or Condors look the same. You can really develop a personality with them.

I have to laugh at myself now, because I was looking at the first picture for about 5 minutes trying to figure out what you had hanging off the front of your scope. I was even trying to figure out what you may use it for, then I realized it was the garbage can handle.

I am sleep deprived, 😀

Seems like every new picture gives me ideas… woot!! Love it.

Black I bought a used Jet….I been wanting one forever…I have been a partime gunsmith on powder burners for years…I got tired of having to get someone else to do my work….. I have about 3 project guns left to build and a few airgun projects in mind….I am thinking on setting up a website for custom crosman builds and my own sweet little superpump conversion for 1377/2289’s… Won’t do any work to compete with Anthony though. My frame extensions are limited to me…..

Thanks WOK…..the grip does fit well…Imade a second set for my father that turned out better…once I get some more time I’ll try again…..

Looks nice J3! those grips are sweet. Your stacking up a bunch of critters with that monster masher too!

What lathe did you get?


The grip and forend are great. Love the clean line and I bet it is easy to hold and very natural while shooting.

Love the work

J…..that is one sweeeeet looking bird 😀


Must order lathe soon…

Awesome stuff!!!

….A blessing and a curse…. 😉
You nailed it!!

Thanks Anthony….. I used a wide gap in the rings so as not to completly copy you… LOL … This site has been an inspiration and a curse….

Way to go J,
Nice looking rig.
Like the rings on the endcap…hehe

HERE YA GO…..keep in mind i have’nt painted the extension yet

Looking forward to seeing it!!!!

Yes, pics please, can’t tease us with a bunch of written script. Yes they are that addictive, mine is usually in pieces being fitted to a grip, foregrip or in this case the full stock. That doesn’t cover all the odds and ends which i put on it, but i didn’t make. WOuld like a lathe someday to see what i could come up with in terms on endcaps, brechs, hammers dam does the list end?? See what i mean.

Sound great….Pictures please 😀

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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