WE HAVE A SEARCH FUNCTION!!…NICE! (re-edited title)

I was trying to look up a fairly recent post re. a comparison of the size of the different pellets and shapes and I noticed that there is no search function or have I missed it some how?

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NICE job brother!!!!

What the heck is up with this damned flu???? I’ve been sick all week also and am still NOT over it… hope you feel better soon!


Groovy man groovy!
That is so far out!

You da man Tef.

Great news about the search function.

Could have done without the llamas… simply the most vile creature on the face of the planet, they are. 😡


Now I can quit answering questions and just refer people to the search function…. yipeee !!

Way to go Tef….Thank You, Thank You, Thank You..

That was great news, except for the disturbing pic from King.

Is that two “admins” from another forum?

Farkin Outstanding

Alright Tron….Great Job

When I searched for “The Horniest TAF Member” this is what came up

Original reply: AirTramp, there is no Search function supported by the board as of the moment. I was planning on implementing the code this weekend, but have been in bed with the Flu for almost a week.

EDIT: I have added the code. You can find the Search feature at the top right, next to the Login, etc.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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