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    So what dealer is best to buy from??


    I want quiet and short shots in city on treerats

    Should I go with a regular Talon and get a frame extention?? Power gain VS Cost of going that way over a Talon SS if any??


    I like Pyramidair.com. Pyramid has been good to me and my friends. The best thing about Pyramid, is that you can return any purchase within 30 days, (in original condition, and packaging). They also give you one free tin of pellets when you buy three. Combine that with fre shipping on orders over $150. The hot tip is to pay the difference for the 3 day priority shipping. If you have any problems, contact Sharon at extension 228. (No, I don’t work for them, and I don’t get a commission).


    Looks like I am gong to have to call Sharon. I do a lot of buisness with them latley. Placed an order yesterday, paid the diff. for the priority. (It just went up to 5.00 additional.) Says in the e-mail from them that I paid, then says shipped free ground. This keeps happening. Called them this afternoon at 6:45. Stayed on hold for 20 minutes. Until after they were closed of course. No one ever answered the phone! Getting a little old. Seems that I have a problem with almost every shippment from them. What gives? Mike


    Pyramyd is good. I like straightshooters a lot too. They are a little more expensive, but they will test fire the gun before they send it to you so you will know the gun will work. I thought that was pretty nice. But I guess you have to decide if that is worth the price difference.


    pyramid air…..google “10% discount” and you will save even further

    about as cheap as it gets


    A TSS sounds like just the bet, short compact and enough for whacking backyard treerats with energy to spare. If your handy you can gain the power in the valve to get equal to a 18″ barrel or a Talon which has a shorter frame and is much harder to make quiet. The couple extra bucks for the TSS is well worth it in the long run for a number of reasons all of which can be found here. I think the rest have covered dealers well, read up, welcome to the forum, purchase a TSS and you will be happy exterminator. Don’t forget Kodiaks, JSB’s or crosman premiers. All will shoot very accurately out of the AF AGs.


    AirHog is great! They clean the barrel with JB and test the gun out before it goes out the door. They also include a test target.


    Another vote for Air HOg.


    I recently bought from Impact Air and really liked the service that I got from them!

    They get my vote, and will get every bit of my business in the future!


    Just my .02 cents…



    2 places I like to buy from for a reason:

    1: Pyramid Airgun becasue they have always come through for me

    2: Mac1….Because his shit works

    I would also buy from Airhog and Straight shooters without hesitation.


    My first Talon SS I bought from Mac 1 because Tim answered a lot of my questions. It was a little more expensive but he pointed me in the right direction and his stuff works. My second Talon with accessories was from Pyramid because I had more knowledge and no taxes. Both stores stand behind their products. Tim has a lot of knowledge, Pyramid has a lot of buying power.


    Talked to Sharron at Pyramid today. Talk about someone who in concerned about customer service!!! I am more than Impressed!!

    I will defiantly continue to do business with Pyramid! Mike


    his rifles before shipment as well??? I do not want to go thru what I went thru with my 1st PCP that had a defective air tank


    I just bought one from Mac1, haven’t got it yet. I have two Crosman 22XXs from Tim and as was said, his shit works. I will add “as promised.” You can talk to the guys who will be testing and adjusting your gun on the phone.

    quote Bodhisdad:

    Don’t forget Kodiaks, JSB’s or crosman premiers. All will shoot very accurately out of the AF AGs.

    I’ve read about the kodiaks; are the kodiak 22’s a bulle that you can get locally at walmart etc or do you have to order them specially from dealers? How widely used are they?

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