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    Sorry, the Photobucket debacle clobbered some images permanently.
    I have managed to recover some and host without Photobucket

    Current build has two screens for simultaneous viewing of targeting and spotter cameras.

    OWL camera was replaced with a 2nd EJ230. That allows crosshairs in both spotter and targeting views.

    Also, the IR laser for indicating holdover has been very effective. I simply tap the laser button and where the laser appears on the screen indicates my needed holdover for things < 25 yards. From 25 to 40 yards, I can just aim center cross hairs and hit the quarry. It’s really in the closer ranges that the laser makes things easy and fast. Ranges and indicates required holdover in a fraction of a section.




    Finally, got the trajectory graphs recovered from Photobucket. Makes it easier to understand how the IR laser indicates holdover for closer than 25 yards.

    I haven’t actually used my Hawke optical scope in nearly a year now. I originally intended to swap scopes for day/night. Building on a riser rail actually does allow quite good zero retention when swapping between scopes. However, I’ve found it a lot more convenient to simply use the night setup during daylight.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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