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    I saw the pix of these on Tony’s forsale site and one shows the cronies speeds of 920’s. The test target with the 33grain pellets…

    That is a big pellet for sure, least around my house it is.

    Was wondering was that with the gun max’d out pretty much with the regulator as it comes?

    You look at the .22 Long and Tony has a pic of 400 fps to a max of 1000 fps with the 18grain jsb’s…

    Now me I like the .22 caliber for the most part. I want one of these Longs!!!

    Tony doesn’t have any in stock right now, but does show one of the .25’s in a laminate stock.

    Just sort of trolling around the idea of a .25, just not that big a fan of them as I am the .22

    Have more questions if I was to get on buying one of these in .25

    How do these Longs shoot the jsb 25.4 grain pellets?
    Obviously if it shoots the 33 grain @ 920’s, its going to really be able to sting the lighter 25 grain.

    The lighter pellets accurate and if so what speed???

    You guys with these .25 Longs, any info on them? I see they are a hammer for sure with the 33grain pellets and they shoot those really accurately as well.

    Any of you guys mess around with the 25grain pellets in these Longs.

    I would be interested to know how the .22 Longs did shooting the 25grain pellets in those Longs as well?
    Those of us that want one of these Longs need info like this please…

    Thanks all for any help with info on these…


    Another question here on the oal of the pellets you can shoot from the magazines of these two caliber’s???

    They the same oal, or is the .22 a shorter length than the .25???

    Just what is the max length over all on the pellets that you can shoot from the mag on these two caliber’s , anyone here know???

    Then I am just guessing you can load a little longer pellet in when your loading it single shot mode, heck I am just guessing here you can even single load these rifles???


    The rifles come with two magazines and a single shot tray.
    No .22 longs in the future.


    No 22 longs, yikes not good.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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