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Very long time since I checked in here, good to see several familiar names.

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    I have kept all my guns and been spending the day cleaning charging and test firing them. Got a couple leaks so far but no hill for a climber.

    Doug Doty,



    Current group of air guns cleaned and a couple flagged for a bit of o-ring maintenance. Never quit loving these marvelous weapons.


    Hey Doug, Good to hear from you! I see you still have your R3Ms and Crickets. I just had to do a thorough o-ring replacement on the R3M; fix one leak, then another pops up. The R3M custom mag advance lever must’ve gotten worn; that was from you, wasn’t it? Anyway, I put the original lever back in and it’s working better than when I got it. Who knows why.

    Your lineup might need to include the new Leshiy 2 semi-auto! Ed’s been teasing us with all kinds of vids while he figures out more details.

    The forum’s going through a slump, probably a phase. After they get censored enough elsewhere, maybe they’ll come back. Hoot’s on new meds, so expect more of a zombie-hoot if he posts. Could be the Toadsuck water, too.


    I got mine originally or converted all the Ed’s to original R3 single load actions, just never could come to like the M functionality and feel. Not positive but I think I am still holding an original replacement part R3 25 receiver in case I find the right 25 std. some day. I was disappointed that the 22 cricket was leaking but my un pictured Marauder was still sitting with 100 bar as I left them all. I was surprised the cricket leaked on air up but then held. I fired it a few times and set it on the coffee table and an hour later is all the sudden had a instant blow off release. Never saw it before.


    Hi Doug,

    Good to hear about you, i was also been away for years, but the new fucking Leshiy push me again to visit the TAG and curious to know what people say about it,

    I also still keep my old Short Edgun R3M .22 cal with extra spare parts that i ordered long time ago, like extra .22 & .25 barrels, extra breach .25 cal, extra single shot .22 cal breach, original silencer (i have installed the bigger silencer) , extra regulator, tons of screws and o-rings 😁😁😁, other samll parts,

    I have plan to order the new Leshiy 2 with full package both caliber.22 & .25 , then i will switch my old R3M to R3 SS .22cal,

    I really am missing old friends, i dont know where are they??😔😔


    Hemn, So great to hear from you. I am just starting the study of what is current new offerings. What is the big deal with Leshi vs r5m ?? I sure like the r5m look a lot better!! please advise your opinion…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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