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    In a hunting situation, should one be interested in Velocity, or the amount of energy delivered at the POI? More specifically, if I’m shooting an 18″ barrel, with heavy Kodiaks, what velocity range should I be shooting at the deliver the greatest amount of enery on contact with the quarry?

    How much does distance play a role…..say from 30 to 50 yards?

    Secondly, I’ve been searching the internet in vain trying to find a more compact case for toting my SS around. The normal sized rifle case is just too cumbersome to carry around conveniently…and also tells everyone what you’ve got in your truck. Has anyone found an alternative to the Rifle Case?

    I appreciate your patience guys!!

    Thanks 😀



    With an Airgun its the energy delivered to a pest that helps kill it, not how fast the pellet was going. Unlike in a firearm where the bullet is going fast its supposed to send a shockwave through the tissie causing damage as well as the immediate trauma caused by the passage of a projectile.

    The same gun will usually shoot a heavier pellet slower, but with slightly more energy than it will shoot a lighter pellet. The faster pellet in addition to not having as much energy to begin with will also likely shed its energy and velocity faster than that heavier pellet. That means they are also better for long range as you’ll often find that a 21gr Kodiak will end up being faster at 50 yards than a 16gr Crosman Premier from the same gun because heavier pellets usually have a higher BC (Ballistic Coefficent).

    There are esceptions offcourse. A Beeman Crow magnum will likely not exit your prey, where a Kodiak will. The Kodiak had more energy, but that energy was not all transfered to the animal because it passed right through and still had energy left as it exited the animal.

    Theres no hard and fast rule……

    Personally I’d say its more about accuracy than pellet weight or type. If you can shoot a 1 hole group with lightweight pellet’s then use them over a random grouping heavy pellet… But…. Its usually found that heavier pellets stand up the higher powers better than lighter pellets.

    I Hunt with my guns and shoot Kodiaks, even though they are going “only” 750 fps in my Talon SS as opposed to a CP which it will shot at 900fps…. Thats a difference of only 1 fpe or so difference…. but I like the smackdown that Kodiaks deliver.. and they are a well made pellet that has a good BC and I rarely get fliers.


    Just a side question. How do you calculate FPE with imperial units?

    With metric everything is so easy and logical.
    E = 1/2 mv^2

    m=mass in it’s basic unit as kg
    v=speed in it’s basic unit as m/s

    And you get kg x m/s x m/s which is directly the unit of Joule.

    How’s that goes with feet and grains and fpe ?

    ps. I really need that formula quicly (YN you propably know why 😉 )


    Multiply the product of the weight of the pellet (in grains) times the square of the velocity and divide that number by 450240 = fpe

    copied this in from Pyramid.


    Shaky; Look on ebay for take down shot gun cases. These are life rifle cases but much shorter.

    Other sites that may have what you’re looking for are

    Hope that helps you out. AKULA

    quote Voltar_1:

    Multiply the product of the weight of the pellet (in grains) times the square of the velocity and divide that number by 450240 = fpe

    Thanks Walter.
    That was quick enaugh 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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