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Hi guys, I’m new to the forum and was hoping some of you guys could answer some of my questions. I imported a condor into Australia last year and love the thing, but accuracy with pointed pellets leaves alot to be desired. Is it just my gun or do you guys find pointed pellets lacking in the condor? Even at around 840 fps the pellets are all over the place. Kodiaks and eu jins work best. Silver point H&N are useless !

What velocity’s should i be seeing with eu Jins and Kodiaks? Mine will push Eu Jins at 960 fps and kodiaks at 1030 to 1050 fps, ive read posts of guys getting another 100 fps out of there guns. The fastest speed i have seen with H&N hobbys at 14.5 Gr is 1215 fps.. that was one shot and have never seen over 1180 since. Is this a normal velocity? So much for the manufacturers 1250 fps claim.I even cleaned out the barrel but see no difference.

Is there anyway of fixing the trigger? Mine has a heap of creep which makes accurate shooting difficult. And can you remove the safety?

One thing i have noticed recently is when the gun was new it took a 3000PSI fill no problem, but now when i fill to 3000 PSI the gun shoots slow for about 5 shots, then picks up speed. Is that normal?

thanks guys

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Hey Mike take a look at savagsam’s velocity topic where i posted some shot strings with 3 different pellets. Man if it werent for this forum i would never have known the tank came set wrong from the dealer. Since adjusting the tophat i have gained 50fps. who knows there may even be more velocity to be found ! 😮

Had great luck with Eunjins and Kodiaks in my .20 cal Condor.Top hat set @.087, pw set @11 for the EJ”S and PW set @ 6 for the Kodiaks. High 900’s with the EJ’s and mid 1000’s {1050} with the Kodiaks. Alot of variables play into finding what works the best in your gun, as I’m learning. This forum is the best place to find the answers as you discover a question.

Mike 17670 🙂

i did a little testing today with the spare tank, which is set at around .09.

1: 1150 Started with RWS super points
2: 1154
8: 1180 I didnt write down shots 3 to 7..
9: error
10: 1172
11: 1185
12: 1186
13: 1189
14: 1058 sometime does this, anyone else get a slow shot every now and then?
15: 1184
16: error started using H&N field trophy
17: 1190
18: 1190
19: 1200
20: 1171
21: 1180
22: 1180
23: 1177
24: 1172
25: 1178
26: 1165
27: 1143
28: 1163
29: 1155
30: 1156
31: 1032 started using Kodiaks ( Barracuda extra heavy)
32: 1027
33: 1026
34: 1020
35: 1014
36: 1064 started using silver pro ( want to get rid of em ! )
37: 1050
38: 1051
39: 1042
40: 1046
41: 1033
42: 1024
43: 1025
44: 1025
45: 1016
46: 1008
47: 999
48: 999
49: 997
50: 979

I mixed up a few different pellets, wasnt a exhaustive test by any means but just showed the tank that came with the gun set at over .1 or 3mm was wasting air. I think the velocity spread is excellent ! very pleased !

Mind you the spare tank used in the above test has been over tightened and the set screws have dimpled the inside of the valve top hat. Still doesnt sem to affect the velocity ! I shyed away from using this tank as i thought it would be down on power ! All the shots above where with he power wheel set at Max 12. The only mod i have done on this gun is polish the barrell where the hammer slides. Otherwise its a stock Condor !

Silver point, pellets suck for me to!!!!!!

Find out what it’s set at now. I think I read .095 is max, any more just wastes air. I guess it depends on what your after (max velocity or max shots per fill) I’m going out to do some shooting later today. Did you read my post on my shot strings? 11 strings from two bone stock never been tweaked Condors.

yeah, have an old beat up chrony that works ok.

Might try adjusting the top hat on the spare tank see if i cant get a little more outta the gun.

Your 17 hours ahead!!!!!! Wow. Do you have a chronograph?

Its 11 PM here.. both tanks are high flow condor tanks.

Depends on which tanks you have. I’ve read “standard” tanks =.080/ High-flow tanks=.090 What time is it over there? it’s ten to six here.

Ive only tried the Crow mag’s at 30 or so metres. At that range they are ok.

Just had a look at my tanks, i have a spare tank with the gun.. I am a little confused. Both tanks, spare and the one that came with the gun have different tophat settings. Tank 1 is 3.1mm or .12 ” tank 2 is 2.4 mm or .09″. What are they supposed to be set at from the factory? To be honest i havent really checked them both out fully but i havent noticed any difference in velocity..

Most here say the C.M. suck the big one in the accuracy department. At least at the longer ranges.

Thanks guys for the replies. I had filled from a hand pump and scuba tank, and both show 3000psi then and now, but curiously the dam thing doesnt like 3000psi anymore, that i dont mind just fill too 2800 to 2700psi.

I just thought if my gun isnt shooting at full power, then perhaps a slight tune might get it up to max velocity’s so as i can set the power wheel lower rather than have to crank it up to 12 to get 950 fps with eun jins.

i also get a rainbow curve to velocity, the one day i did a test session, i set the power wheel at 10 and the gun started shooting at 850 to 950 for 10 shots then started breaking 1000 fps from shots 15 to 30.. i think i got about 50 shots before the velocity dropped below 900 fps, thats with Kodiaks. That was kinda perfect speed as accuracy was still good.

As for the predetors, we cant get them here in Oz. Actualy even cant get eun jins here either, had 4 tins sent with the gun and a mate of mine dragged 12 tins back from the states for me a while back. I can get H&N barracuda’s extra heavy( Kodiaks) and Crow magnums. They are the only 2 pellets i can get localy that are any good in my gun. One thing i have noticed is the Condor does over penetrate with eun jins and Kodiaks on rabbits. At 50 to 60 metres it will punch right through a rabbit. Any of you guys have a pellet that stays inside the animal? I have yet to hunt with cow magnums, maybe they might help?

Pointed pellets suck for me and always have in any gun I have used.

1. Are you sure/positive that first fill was a full 3000 cold fill? 2. My Condor doesn’t enjoy a full 3000 fill either. BUT there is a bright side (to me anyway) you get a “rainbow” velocity curve which some consider good, others don’t like it. I’m still new here too and the ppl. here are very helpful. Do you have a chrony? I assume you do by the numbers posted. Most say 950-1000 is the max you want to go for best accuracy.

I’ve never had good luck with any pointed pellet in any rifle, from cheap Chinese springer through my Talons. I think it has to do with the way they’re manufactured, the points aren’t perfectly concentric to the diameter. That makes them do weird things, and the faster the weirder. Stick to the Kodiaks and EJ’s, although you might try JSB Predators if you can get them.

Your velocity sounds a little low for a Condor, I think. Have you adjusted your top hat? These things usually have no problem going super sonic with just about anything, although the power you’re getting is more than adequate. Push them much faster, and your accuracy could start suffereing. If anything, you might want to slow it down a bit. You might lose a little power, but your accuracy and shot count should both go up.

There are mods you can do for the trigger, but it will never be match grade. Sometimes just a little judicious polishing and lubeing is all you need. Of course, shooting it a lot will help smooth things up too :-). The best mod requires drilling a couple of holes in the guns frame and installing a couple of screws, so some hesitate to do it. I believe details are in the Reference section.

Those first few shots being slow is a good indication your on the verge of valve lock. It’s pretty common, I think most of the Condor guys fill to 2900 psi. I’d say the uncommon part of that is that it worked okay at first.

Hope that helps, I’m sure someone else will add to this, or correct anything I got wrong :-). Later.


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