valve parts from air force

hey guys,
i recently bought a talon ss and a week or so ago i received these parts from air force:
condor valve stem
condor top hat
condor valve spring
condor brass valve bushing
total cost was around 40.00.
dropped in a 24″ hw .25 barrel, filled to 2700 (all my tank had) and popped of ten shots over the chrony. averaged 920 fps with kodiak match. didn’t get to do any tuning or anything but will do so soon. i only have the ss tank so i know my shot count won’t be to great, but so far, the velocities look really good and those first ten shots grouped around 2″ at 100 yards. i was more interested in the chrony results than what the group would turn out to be. backstop at 100 yards was 3/4″ hardwood plank and all shots passed right through without even sneezing.
guess what i am getting at, is those of you that have the talon or the ss, you may just want to get the condor valve parts from airforce and change them out for much less than sending your tank in or buying a new tank.


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So the condor brass valve part fits the Talon tank? …..Cool

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