I got my Talon SS! Is a .22 pellet louder than .177 at the same power?

I’m confused about the refill clamp. Can someone show me a picture or something? I NEED IT NOW! Thanks a lot you guys. 😀

PS How come when I first got it and shot it, it made a loud noise? Is this the hammer slap you guys have been talkin about?

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What YN said,

A good idea is to put a baggy over the fill adapter when it is on your tank so do dust or dirt or any other crap gets in there.

The safety is kinda loose on all the guns.

I keep my fill adapter on the scuba tank all the time except when I’m moving the tank around, then I remove it just incase I drop the tank so theres less chance of breaking something.

To decock point the gun in a safe directin, push the breech forward (as if you were cocking it again) and hold it there, release the safety (keep holding the breech forward with your hand or else it will close when u do the next step) and then while you press the trigger slowly bring the breech back. You should feel the pressure of the spring trying to push the breech closed you do this, if you dont then the gun is still cocked and try again.

You can also check to see if the gun is cocked by just pushing on the breech a bit same as cocking it, if it moved forward freely its cocked if you feel the pressure from spring then its not cocked.

Dont keep the gun cocked when you walk around, and dont rely on that safety to keep things safe.

I agree Adam. I was just very excited. You know how it is. But then I was told to settle the hell down. Yeah, I was pretty mellow after that. 🙄

I figured out exactly what was going on with the tank. I don’t want to explain it because it would take too long and it’s only important to me. 🙂

I’ve been shooting at a flashlight-lit paper about 35 yards away at only 5 power and it’s like the pellet is there before I realize it! I am getting great groups at this distance. I’ll post some pictures and videos tomorrow or some other day when I don’t have school and I’m free to shoot during the day.

I didn’t think that even a starter pcp would be so nice. A lot of people like wood (especially old people), but I really like the looks of this gun. Plus it’s so short and light. I’ll be moving around a lot with this gun and It’s perfect because of its size and compactness.

Is there any way to de-cock the gun? Is the safety supposed to be all wiggly? How do you guys store the refill clamp&guage? Do you just leave it on the scuba tank? Should I put it in a bag? Should I lube it with diver’s silicon?

I can’t thank you guys enough for your recommendations and help.

There you go Julien. Slow fills are much better. Do it as you describe and you will be fine. Little by little and it will fill just fine.

When you write URGENT! in your message you sound like you are panicking. And if you are panicking then PCP is not for you. Be cool and mellow and things will turn out fine.

Lol Triggerman. I guess I’ll just crack it so it fills a bit, and then crack it more until it stops, and keep going untill my tank is filled up. I’ve been filling to about 2800.


What you are doing sounds normal to me. I would image your scuba tank when completely full is 3000, maybe 3100 psi when completely full. You are filling your SS tank to atleast 2900psi I would assume, which means you are almost equal in pressures to both tanks. If your scuba has a bit more pressure than your SS tank, then obviously you would have to open your valve more to get that extra pressure from your scuba tank to the SS tank. Once your scuba tank equals to the level you are putting in the SS tank, it won’t fill more than whats in the scuba tank.

I have a 4500 psi SCBA tank. I’ve got alot more pressure, so just when I first crack my valve, it starts filling the SS tank. Just don’t fill fast, a slow fill is much better on your bottle. I don’t notice hearing anything when mine fills, but then again, sometimes I’ve been accused not being able to hear myself fart either……

So when your accuracy gets bad, you refill untill the hand is at 2900 psi? How come it doesn’t continually fill though? I’ve got to open the K-Valve even more after like 500psi. Is that normal? Should I hear a slight hiss?

Nothing is wrong. The guage will not show you how much is in your SS tank when you begin filling. You use the guage to determine how much you are putting into your SS tank from the Scuba tank. I fill to 2900 psi and find that gives me roughly 40 shot before POI starts to fall off, then time to refill again.

I’m not really paranoid, it was just that I had about 20 minutes of daylight left. I filled the tank, but the largest washer doesn’t fit in the filler device.
How come everytime I connect the tank to the SCUBA tank, it shows 0 psi? And when I turn it up so that it fills slowly, it fills slowly for about 400 psi, and then it just stops and I need to crank it up a bit. How do you guys do this exactly.

I am having someone near me when I fill the tank. It brings up my confidence a bit. Oh, and this gun is a lot quieter than I thought it would be. Some people are surprised with the loudness, and some with the quietness. After a couple of days I’ll try to get a good idea of what will go in the shroud to quiet it even more. Thanks a lot for your help.

22 is louder that 177….but in the ss ther about the same

Julien first off watch the videos more then once in your case. Second follow the lines in this pict and put those things where the line goes.

Third…..Dont kill yourself kid. HPA is no Joke

jool; Have the local constabulary began an incessant knock on your door as of yet? It seems you’re a bit paranoid for this sport. Worry about where the shot falls next. That should totally freak you out if you don’t have an adaquate back stop. AKULA


If it came with a video, Watch it. Tom Gaylord goes through filling the bottle and uses that same clamp.

I dont have a clamp like that so I cant help I’m afraid.

I think .22’s are a bit quieter than .177, I doubt you’ll notice the difference unless your shooting the .177 supersonic and then when u switch to .22 barrel its sub sonic.

As far as the noise.. thats probably just the gun (air), SS arent that quiet.

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