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    Hi All,

    Just got an Uragan in .25, does anyone have a suggestion for 25.4 jsb velocity? I found my grub screw that secures the power adjuster loose on delivery so when I chrony this bad boy I’d like to set it at an acceptable speed.

    Thanks in advance!



    I don’t like any grub screw going into another threaded Part, do you really think it needs securing? It is not FX :rofl:

    To put it differently, what will happen to the tread of the adjuster when you overtightern that set screw?



    I haven’t posted in years but I did just adjust my Uragan .25 a little.

    It came shooting the 25gr JSB’s very well ay 940 fps. My targets are generally at 50-75-100y and there is usually wind. I was hopping to shoot the 33.95 MKII’s. They tested okay at about 860 fps. I wanted to see what a little more speed would do. Half turn in on the adjuster got me to 890-900. The Kings (25gr) “only” jumped to 960-970. But that was too much for the kings, at least in my gun, groups at 75 went nuts. With the MKII’s, If I miss at75y its my fault. Haven’t done much at 100 yet.

    And if mine had a grub screw… I never even noticed.




    Hi All,

    First off, this gun is definitely not an FX! It’s bananas good…

    The grub screw secures the power adjuster as it’s quite loose.

    I detuned it to 905fps from 940, shooting starlings at 115 metres is lots of fun!



    You can’t go wrong with a Vulcan, I have two and both are awesome shooters.



    Zonk doesn’t know squat about two things…women or air guns! Comes from too closely inbred stock.

    However, I now own a .25 Vulcan II that I literally stole from a member from another unnamed forum. It is everything I need. However, I must say Zonk’s avatar of his mother getting ready for a shower is in extremely poor taste, and I call upon the forum god’s to punish him accordingly. He’s 63 years old and still lives with his mom…his wife isn’t liking it either!

    I don’t blame his children for trying to get him committed, as their inheritance from their dad’s turkey-breeding farm is being blown away with his pcp air gun collection. I don’t know how they can spend money in “Ms. Harkey’s Home for Monkey-Boys” anyway, but still, it’s the principle of the matter!

    Alas, I digress. I like the Vulcan the best of all the airguns I’ve owned, borrowed, stolen, or traded, and that’s the truth.

    Kindest regards,

    Uncle Hoot

    Famous quotes from history:

    Zonk, circa 1973:I want to breed outside my species when I grow up!

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    LOL……….Sick old Bastard! Like I’ve said before, you can’t go wrong with a Vulcan. Great side cocking lever, and best of all, great trigger.

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