ultrafire with cree q5 270 lumen LED

ok i got a flashlight fettish i know….

started with a duracell light in the 7th grade that costed me 4 months of alowance….and them some jerk on camp for which i had bought it for freaking used all of the batteries in it the first day (and batteries are quite expensive in DK, because of enviromental taxes and shit) any way…it was very strong and back then nobody had thought of LED for use in a flashlight….

then came maglites of which i own many….i really liked their 3W LED conversion…now it could run forever on a set of batteries….

then i got my first good little LED light a dorcy 1W led flashlight…that runs on 1 cr123 battery….it was faily cheap too….then came a 1W from lowes that runs on a AA battery…not as bright as the Dorcy…but pretty good and on cheap batteries….

today i recieved my surefire 6P clone from Ultrafire it has a cree Q5 LED and the add said 270 lumens….other adds say as low as 200 lumen, it takes 2xCR123 batteries….and OMG it is BRIGHT !!!! it was 30 bucks including shipping on ebay…so twice the price of the dorcy and unnamed lowes LED light

its about 1/3 longer than the two of them….and about 10x as bright…in fact it is so bright that shining it into my own hand, in daylight is a blinding affair….i bet it wont run for long on a set of batteries…add said about 3-4 hours…it has aluminum body with oring sealed thread(but they all do)…the body is a 25mm(1″) so acoperings should fit nicely…the head has two sizes…30mm being the small of them…again nice if you want to use 30mm rings…

it doesnt spread the light out as well as the others do….the dorcy in particular has a very uniform pattern to it….

this one does not…is is mega bright in the center…and abut 30% outside that….it throws the beam very far, no problem lighting up the treetops of my neighburgs tree 70 yards away.

i tried to take some photos to show the difference…guess for your self which is which


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Checked out Ebay, and found them. Thinking about getting the head from them for the Surefire e-2. I’m tired of buying bulbs!

I have a Pentagon, but I hate the tint. Could be brighter. It is listed at 80 lumens. Wow! I’m looking forward to trying out the one you have. Wonder how it will hold up. I’ve had bad luck with lights. Especially Stream Lights. The switches keep going out!


Nice flashlight set up. I picked up a 9P and two 17500 cells.. very bright. No problem illuminating rabbits well enough to shoot at about 100 yards.

forgot to mention the downside to this one….its too bright !

forget about using it to look inside a pc case for a certain cable, or read the print on the motherboard…or to use it to light into the tool box…you will have white spots in your eye for several minutes…

Fantastic! And great price! Want our money back!! Lol.. Picked up na pentagon a couple of weeks ago, but at 70 Lumens, not so great! Also picked up a M6 laser-light gun mount light last weekend. Need to send ti back to the manufacturer though. Laser a bit weak! bought it used, so no problem. Super god deal. Will mount it on the SS.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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