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    This one is out the door…
    If you are looking for a light, silent, accurate hammer, this is it…

    Three internal baffles along with our Gen. 6 shroud makes this rifle beyond back yard friendly…

    Had to tune it down a little for a decent shot count and accuracy…


    That’s nice. I love my escapeUL with your quick change top hat and spacers. I can tune it for whatever fps I want. I have mine shooting at 976fps but am going to tune it today to get the numbers that you got for 12 shots and see if I can duplicate your accuracy. You make some great parts for these guns and I hope to pick up a couple more real soon.

    Yep, I just went out and put the middle spacer in the tophat without an oring under the tophat and with the power wheel on 4/0 I got 12 shots starting with 3,000psi with an average of 838fps with a sd of only 4fps. Now to see how it groups at 30yds.


    Nice work as always Tony!
    Did you happen to put it on a scale?

    Wondering how light my TalonP would be with just a Burris FastFire III sight on it?


    No chance to put it on a scale Star had to get it out the door quick sounds like your rifle would be very light thanks for checking it out


    beautiful tuning as always Tony. how many grams different between bottles? just thought theres extra space for bigger bottle for higher shot counts or flatter spread might as well use it while balancing the front too.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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