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    Duffy Poindexter

    Just received my Taipan Veteran Long in .22 a few days ago.  Love the trigger, the ergonomics, the overall look, as well as the fit and finish.  And, Tony was great to work with.  My problem is, I can’t seem to get it to group well.  I’ve tried FX 18.1, H&N and  JSB Diablo Exact Heavy Jumbo 18.13. The H&N group looked as though it was shot by a shotgun, while the FX was better, but inconsistent (1/2″ to 1″ at 30 yards)The JSB’s were able to hold a large ragged hole at 30 (unfortunately, I only had a few, so I’ve ordered more.)  I’ve also ordered some JSB Monsters, just to see.

    I played around with the speed dialer a bit, but in all honest, I was just “shooting in the dark.”

    My hope is to use my Veteran for 25 and 50 yard benchrest.  So far, I shoot more accurately and consistently with my regulated Marauder (my 25 yard targets score in the upper 230’s/250 )  .

    What would you guys suggest?  Where do you set your hammer spring and with what pellet.  All thoughts welcome.





    I’ve been eyeing this gun — I think you made a good choice there! 👍🏼


    Some ideas:

    (1) Switch the scope to eliminate that error factor. Test.

    (2) Are you using a silencer? Take it off and test.

    (3) Are the groups any particular shape, say a vertical oval? That could indicate large variations in muzzle velocity.

    (4) You can test that with a chrony, of course. That’s an expense that most PCP users just need to make. $80 for a good basic model.


    Hope you find the problem! And please, if you try slugs, I’d appreciate a post or a PM — this is one issue that makes me hesitant to buy a Veteran….

    Cheers, 😊


    Duffy Poindexter

    Thanks Matthias,

    All good suggestions.  I am not using a silencer and the shots do not string or form any particular pattern.  I tested velocity and it seemed quite good.  I also changed back to Tony’s original fps (around 910) and that seemed to help. I’ve switched to another scope which I have been using with good results on my Mrod.  It is a second focal plane scope and I think I prefer it to the first focal plane scope.  Groups seem to be tighter.  Sometimes I get very good groups and then the dreaded flier.  I’m expecting more of the JSB Diablo Exact Heavy Jumbo 18.13 in the mail today.  I know they are said to be the same as the FX pellets, but I shot much better with the few JSBs that I had on hand when I started.

    I’ll report back when I try the JSBs.

    Duffy Poindexter

    And I almost forgot.  Sometimes the problem is in the pellet.  With my Mrod the magic pellet is the Qiang Yuan Sports Diablo in .177 9.56 gr.  Amazing difference over all the premium pellets.  Maybe its the same with my Veteran.

    Shoot fun, shoot safe, shoot often!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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