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I saw that larger trigger guards were mentioned in WOK’s thread on his new trigger so i thought i’d stick up a couple of pics of the new trigger guard i made. It’s made out of 10X2mm aluminium bar that i bent around the neck of a wine bottle. I’m fitting an extended safety and replacement trigger blade when i get round to it.



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Got that right Wok, his work really shines. That doesn’t mean someone can’t borrow an idea or two.


LOL….I just posted a pick of Leupy’s safety knob on another thread….lol

He sure makes nice stuff. But the dollar to pound conversion is a bitch.

Hi Adam,

Many thanks for the comments. I’m having both a trigger shoe and custom safety extension made up by leupy over here. I’m hoping he’ll be able to make this up for the safety which would make operation sooooo easy!


Now that looks great. I like it. You now have enough room to put a knob on that safety. It makes it much easier to disengage. I can push it forward with them back of my trigger finger before shooting.
Take a look

What would be really trick is if the grip could be inletting more so the guard could set lower and then inlet the foregrip so the front of the trigger guard way lay flush to it and screwed in. The long part under the forearm could be eliminated altogether and you would have a smooth transition from the foregrip to grip with no gaps.

Looks great!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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