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    Who’s got the college degree? Not me. I come from a family of Mathematical Engineers, but I still can’t add 2+2. I can but, but not in that league. By the time my little sister was 12 years old she was a mathematical GENIUS. I remember her tutoring my best friends when she had Pig Tails & braces when she was twelve year old to help my buddy’s pass their Senior High School Math exams so that they could graduate High School.

    I do not consider myself a smart person mathematically like many of you are here on this forum But I do know quite well that my Father instilled a work Ethic in me that supercedes everything. I have.. under his gun .. MADE a Man out of myself.

    My Father had rules set forth that were not to be broken. He stood firmly by them.. and did not yield. Not once not ever. The rules he made me abide by make me richer than Bill Gaes.




    DH; I’m a mechanical engineer by degree but I never much used it. I opted for danger boy crap and I’ve never looked back. AKULA


    My mom’s an electrical engineering and math major, basically a computer science engineering degree before they existed, she can’t add either, so don’t feel bad…

    A really smart person without a work ethic is nearly useless…

    A hard worker on the other hand is invaluable!!! 😉


    No matter how hard someone works his education and brains will be the limiting factor when it comes down to earning power.
    All we get to work with is our backs and our brains so take your pick what you want to use.

    My uncle that raised me used to say: ‘your head is gonna save your back a lot of work….. my back saves my brain a lot of work’

    So take your pick……


    I’ve always said that an once of common sense will get you through this world more then a ton of education. I’m just a HS grad with around 30 hours of collage. I only took the courses that interested me, not the one’s required for a degree. Retired at 43. Must have been doing something right. 😆


    I earned a professional degree in Architecture after working as a finish carpenter/ cabinetmaker for almost 20 years.

    I make less now than I did 8 years ago in a closely related field…

    I know more than most architects about design and construction, having built many projects for the world’s most famous architects and a solid background in mechanical engineering and material science there isn’t much I can’t conceive of or build…

    Some say a college degree now is the equivalent of a high school degree years ago, it isn’t far from the truth…

    I’m almost convinced that college and student loans were created and pushed on everyone as an economy stimulus package…

    My view may change here soon, i’m switching jobs and looking for an office that looks at my talents as an asset instead of an intimidation…

    Most anyone can learn complicated tasks if they have the will and the work ethic, physical or mental, my calculus professor used to say the mind is a muscle and if you don’t work it out it will atrophy…

    Bill Gates finally graduated from college in 2007…

    You DO NOT need a degree to succeed…


    You DO need a hard work ethic to succeed…

    Ted Turner didn’t finish college, he was expelled, Michael Jordan dropped out to work hard on the court, Cindy Crawford dropped out of her chemistry major to model… All three worked their asses off and made more money than most college educated individuals…

    Having a large sum of student loans I have a feel about what is good and what isn’t, IF you decide to go to college, don’t borrow more than $10,000… There is nothing psychologically worse than making large payments and not seeing the balance change from year to year.


    I read something not so long ago that was a composition of quotes by some very famous people. People that have over the years shaped this very world we live in. The quote that knocked me off my feet was by Albert Einstein.

    “Imagination is worth more than knowledge”


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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